Feb 222017


In January of last year we quickly spread the word about a new song stream that had just appeared by the Greek black metal band Thy Darkened Shade. The song’s name was not disclosed, nor was any information provided about the release on which it might be included.

A couple of months later we learned about a teaser of new music that had been released by the Swedish band Mortuus, and by then word had circulated that Mortuus and Thy Darkened Shade would be participating in a four-way split along with Nightbringer (U.S.) and the Austrian black metal band Abigor.

Now, at long last, that split has been released.

Yes, roughly one year after we first learned about this highly anticipated split, it has been released by the four bands on their own. It’s available in digital form on Bandcamp, and pre-sales have been launched for sales of the split on CD through the following distributors:


The split will also be released on vinyl, but production has been delayed, and we don’t yet have information about how to pre-order the vinyl edition.

A full stream of the split premiered today at Bardo Methodology, along with the first part of an interview of Abigor:


The split is also streaming at Thy Darkened Shade’s Bandcamp site, where it can be downloaded digitally — and I’ve included that stream below.

I’m so excited by this news that I decided to prepare this post without taking the time to write my thoughts about the music. I’ll simply say for now that it’s phenomenal — which I’m sure comes as no surprise to anyone familiar with these bands. Don’t miss it.



  1. Sounds like a classic black metal release already. Like an one band full lenght, one of the best split albums.

  2. Stoked with the Thy Darkened Shade/Abigor tracks but that’s great overall too.

  3. Sounds marvelous. Gonna pick it up. And thanks for the link to Bardo Methodology. found this really fascinating interview with Tomas Nyqvist of No Fashion Records / Putrefaction Magazine there.

  4. Essential listening.

  5. One heavy fucking split

  6. A masterpiece.

  7. Holy crap the Thy Darkened Shade song is pure demonic possession!
    Somebodies soul done been sold to the man in red.

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