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“And now for something completely different….” That’s the phrase that popped into my head as I began pondering how to introduce the track we’re about to premiere, though the music has no comedic overtones (or undertones) that Monty Python’s famous catchphrase might bring to mind. It’s just… completely different… at least by comparison to our usual fare at NCS.

The band’s name is different as well. It has regularly defeated my efforts to type it, and also my efforts to pronounce it. The name is Buioingola (I am using copy/paste techniques now), and the track we have for your unsuspecting ears is “Silenzio“, which appears on the band’s new album — and likely to be their last — Il nuovo mare (“The New Sea”). The album will be released by Sentient Ruin Laboratories (and a consortium of European labels) on March 31.



After the recording of this album, Buioingola dissolved, which is why the album is most probably their swan song. Before ending their existence as a group, the band’s members consisted of guitarist/ vocalist Diego and drummer Thomas, both of them dwelling in the Tuscan town of Pisa in central Italy. The name they chose for their collaboration means “darkness in my throat”, or so I’m told.

I’ve seen their music referred to as “neocrust” and as “a textured alloy of doom, darkwave, and crust”, with elements of haunting post-punk and industrial in the mix. In other words, an eclectic and personal style that resists succinct summing up; even that preceding string of genre references probably doesn’t help anyone imagine what the music sounds like. I’m not sure my own words are going to help very much, but I do like a challenge.


The harrowing vocals, perched on a precipice between howling and roaring, between agony and anger, put a knife edge under the music, with the other side of the blade cutting (at first) with a blizzard of distortion and torrents of searing, shimmering, wrenching melody, the rhythm driven by a hammering beat. But the song changes as it moves.

The howl of distortion fades, replaced briefly by chiming guitar notes and a rocking, pulsing drum rhythm. Deep bass rumbling becomes the anchor point as the music moves into a mesmerizing astral drift, the lead guitar glimmering through a gloomy haze of riff abrasion until it becomes the spellcasting focal point.

I have a long list of band references I could throw out, but it’s probably best just to skip that and let you explore the song, which has seduced me more and more, the more I listen to it. I hope it grows on you, too.


The track list of Il nuovo mare is as follows:

01. Polvere
02. Latenza
03. Irriconoscibile
04. Attesa
05. Eclisse
06. Silenzio
07. Il giorno dopo

The album will be released digitally and as a clear and black 12″ vinyl LP on March 31 2017. It can be pre-ordered from Sentient Ruin here:

The album’s European release will be handled by Shove Records (IT), Unquiet Records (PL), and Sangue Dischi (IT).

“Silenzio” is below, and you can jump over to CVLT Nation to hear a previously released track named “Latenza”.

Buioingola on Facebook:



  1. As a fan of the late 1990’s and early 2000’s screamo era, as the likes of Orchid, City of Caterpillar, I think this is awesome! It’s a weird blend of that era with death metal vocals. I back it.

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