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Discarded Existence is the second album by the Slovenian thrash demons in Panikk. It will be released on the Ides of March (the 15th) by Spain’s Xtreem Music, and we’ve got a full stream of the album for you today.

Panikk came into existence in 2008 and since then have released a first demo in 2009, a debut album (Unbearable Conditions) in 2013, and an EP in 2015 (Pass the Time).

With influences drawn from such Bay Area bands as Vio-lence, Forbidden, Forced Entry, and Exodus, Panikk unabashedly embrace an old school ethic, and a well-honed style that nonetheless sounds damned good in their capable hands.



Imagine the lofting arc of a molotov cocktail, tumbling end over end and trailing pungent smoke. Gravity brings it to earth right in the middle of a warehouse filled with fireworks, and it detonates — followed by hundreds of detonations, Roman candles skittering round shooting sparks, rockets spraying in all directions and going off in bursts of kaleidoscopic colors, the air suddenly becoming a superheated cauldron of gasoline and gunpowder. That’s sort of how it feels to listen to this album.

Speed and hard-driving, turbocharged energy are the name of this game. The guitarists and the rhythm section fire hard and fast on all cylinders most of the time, and it really is an electrifying, blood-rushing experience, made all the sweeter by the catchy melodic hooks embedded in these tracks. The red-eyed, red-throated vocals and livid gang shouts add to the brawling mayhem.

Panikk do pull back on the throttle, switching up the rhythms and slowing the rampage here and there, and the soloing is often as silky smooth and fluid as it is boiling and berserk. There’s even an acoustic guitar interlude right about dead-center on the album, which functions as an introduction to the mid-paced creepiness at the outset of “Rotten Cells”.

And although there’s a ton of explosive energy in the songs, you’ll figure out pretty fast that despite the raucous energy in the music, the performers are machine-precise and super-tight in their execution.


And with that, enjoy the full stream of Discarded Existence below. To order the album, go here:

Panikk on the Web:

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