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I have a much-delayed round-up of new music to post later today. I resisted the desire to make it even longer by including still more new music that surfaced since I first began putting it together three days ago. But I don’t want to overlook this new song by the Italian band Hideous Divinity that premiered yesterday at two European sites. The song is “Angel of Revolution“, and it’s from the band’s new album Adveniens, which will be released on April 28 by Unique Leader in the U.S. and Everlasting Spew in Europe.

This new track follows another one named “Ages Die” that debuted earlier this month, and in case you missed that one, I’ve included it below as well. I’ll also share a comment about the newest song by guitarist Enrico Schettino:

“Where did all this come from? Easy guess: anger and frustration. Not just a common saying, actually: time running out, recording sessions approaching and still, something was missing. THE RIFF was not there. Yet. Hours spent listening, re-listening, writing and re-writing. Nothing. Almost giving up. Then, it came. THE riff. Out of some place I will never know. Straight, simple, impulsive.

“Rest was easy: Stefano came along with his punishing bassline and “Enrico H (vocalist)” with the lyrics, one of his most memorable entrances ever. Listen to it: you will notice something different. Peculiar. Correct.Yep, what you hear is a NOTE.

“Ladies and gentlemen, here’s ‘Angel of Revolution‘, THE straight-to-the-face smasher of the album.”

That’s no lie — it’s absolutely a straight-to-the-face smasher, and for precisely that reason has quickly become one of my favorite Hideous Divinity tracks. The breathtaking drum fusillade, the hair-raising howl, and the blazing riff storm that begin the song are an immediate adrenaline injection, and there is no relenting after that. It’s a pure death metal firestorm.

The rapid-fire barbarity of the vocals are off-the-charts in their intensity. The pulsing, punching riffs surge with maniacal power. The song hits a punishing, neck-snapping groove. The melodic character of the song is sinister and ill. And there are a pair of scintillating solos in the track; the second one is especially eye-popping, and comes in the song’s finale, where the hyper-accelerated drum attack slows and the mood of the song becomes even more ominous and gloomy.

Listen below, and pre-order here:

Hideous Divinity:




  1. KILLER (and amazing percussion)

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