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Some bands have skillfully chosen names for themselves that almost perfectly evoke the sensations and atmosphere of the music they make, and Pale King are among that number. You could have reached that conclusion from the title track to their new album, Monolith of the Malign, when that song debuted in February, and we have further proof of it today, as we bring you a stream of another song from the album that’s also very well-named: “Ominous Horrors“.

Pale King is a new band, but its members have decades of experience among them. The line-up consists of vocalist Jonny Pettersson (Wombbath, Ashcloud, Henry Kane), guitarist Håkan Stuvemark (Wombbath), drummer Jon Rudin (Ashcloud), and bassist Hannah Gill. All that experience shows, and shines, in the music of this album.



The music of “Ominous Horrors” evokes sensations of majesty, derangement, and grief. In its opening moments, the pace is slow and stately — and monstrously powerful, thanks to a massive low-end sound. And when the pace accelerates, the impact resembles a gigantic black tank rumbling forward. The drums boom like vast thunder, the bass pounds like an earthquake, and Pettersson‘s scarring growls and wrenching howls amplify the titanic force of this assault on the senses.

But this is the music of a pale king. A shimmering, ethereal melody infiltrates the music like a spectre, and the wraithlike solo that surfaces when the pace slows again is both riveting and eerie. The entire song is riveting, and it’s one you won’t soon forget.


Mark it on your calendar: Monolith of the Malign will be released on April 21st by Soulseller Records. North American pre-orders can be placed here:

For more information, visit the following locations — and listen to “Ominous Horrors” and the title track below.



“Monolith of the Malign”

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