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Disorder from El Salvador began the first stirrings of life in the mid-90s as its principal creator Jorge Montesino (M.Q.) began recording songs with an acoustic guitar on his tape recorder at home. The first demo was released in 2001, and the first album the next year. More than 10 years passed before Disorder‘s second album was released (by El Salvador’s Morbid Skull Records), and now the band’s third album is primed for release on April 21 by Symbol of Domination Productions (Belarus) and Morbid Skull. The album’s name is Fuego Negro, and today we premiere a song from the album called “Existencias Paralelas“.

This is the kind of music that ought to appeal mightily to thrash purists. It doesn’t aim to push the boundaries by incorporating progressive flourishes or throwing other genre styles into a blender. But it’s fast, it’s aggressive, and it delivers a big adrenaline surge — and if you like your vocals raw and vicious, Disorder satisfies those tastes as well (the album features guests on vocals and lead guitar, in addition to the talents of the band’s two main members).



Obviously, thrash stands or falls on the power of the riff, and “Existencias Paralelas” is a turbocharged riff machine, with a high guitar pulse matched to a deep bass thrum, the song driven with classic thrash-rhythm-punch by M.Q.’s drum partner V.K. And the solo in the song is a hot-as-hell fret burner that rockets the music even further into the red zone.

So in a sense this is straight-for-the-throat, “no frills” thrash, but it’s so well-executed and so damned addictive that who needs frills?


For more info, check the following links below. And in addition to our own premiere below, we’ve included streams of two previously released tracks, “Bajo El Yugo De La Ignorancia” and “Carroñeros De Justicia“.

Track List:
01. Carroñeros De Justicia
02. Existencias Paralelas
03. Bajo El Yugo De La Ignorancia
04. 333
05. Tiempos Violentos
06. Misantropica Barbarie
07. Fuego Negro
Length – 29:32





  1. Fucking gnarly! Definitely going to pick this up!

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