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About 10 days ago we included two advance songs by the Cleveland melodic black metal band Burial Oath in one of our SHADES OF BLACK collections, and now it’s our pleasure to bring you a full stream of the debut album that houses those two, and six others. The album is Beyond the Vale of Shadowlands, and it will be released on April 7.

By way of introduction, I’m going to repeat what I wrote about those two advance tracks, and then add a few thoughts about the balance of this very multifaceted album.



In its slower movements, “Womb of Cosmic Bane“, which closes the album, is as pestilential and morbid as a city laid waste by the black plague. The beat of the tom drum booms in your ears, a wraithlike melody surfaces and submerges and begins burrowing under your skin, a ghastly vocal horror claws at your throat. And when the pace accelerates, the music becomes a romping demonic frenzy.

Sol Av Svart”, which is the album’s fourth track in the running order, is a racing war charge right from the start, but a highly infectious, hard-jabbing riff enters the picture, too. Burial Oath slow this one down in the middle, bringing the stench of death with them when they do, but end it with a high-octane reprise of the barbarous opening sections.

When I heard those two songs, I summed up the music as “sulfurous”, with “a lot of primal, savage appeal, and hook-laden riffs” that pull the listener back repeatedly. And while that’s true, I now know there’s a lot more going on in the album than primal savagery.

Burial Oath incorporate ingredients from beyond the vale of black metal, and while the dominant melodic currents in the album are dark and often sorrowing, they very effectively change the moods and the intensity of the music so that the album maintains a firm grip from start to finish.



A Graven Wintertide” is an atmospheric track, a song of frost and fire, with an air of defeated majesty in its melancholy melody and fierce, pulse-pounding urgency in its surges of racing power, while “Coffin Nails” is anchored by a big, swaggering riff and a rocking back-beat.

Transcendent Void” storms and crushes, intensely vibrant and head-hammering throughout, while the dark and dire, and mainly mid-paced, “Deathymn” thunders and stomps with lethal physicality.

And the penultimate title track proves to be an enthralling instrumental, one that includes vibrant acoustic guitar as well as electrifying tremolo riffs, with bursts of double-bass militarism and booming toms to ratchet the explosiveness of a piece that’s also dramatic, slow, and bereaved.

The instrumental performances on the album are quite accomplished, with a warm bass pulse that’s prominent in the mix and impressive drum work to complete the rhythm section, and a knack for crafting guitar melodies and riffs that are both memorable and headbang-worthy.

So yes, the music is sulfurous and savage, but its ferocity is more than matched by the appeal of its dark melodies and the dynamism of its rhythms and energies. It’s well worth a full immersion in these sonic shadowlands that Burial Oath have created — and you can do that below.


You can also pre-order on CD or digital at Bandcamp:

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  2. This is probably some of the best new black metal that I have ever heard, very european( Scandinavian ) sound for a USBM band, not as trendy as most the black metal from the U.S and still very melodic at times, reminds me of Mgla with a Watain and Taake touch, different but good different

    • did not mean heard in awhile besides Uada and Profantica , I meant, I lump these guys definently with those bands from the US

  3. Solid black metal from US. I Like the darker songs better but the whole thing is good till the end. Death hymn is a head banger \m/

  4. Holy Hell This is Great!!! Finally a Black Metal band from the US that is doing it right. I gotta agree 100 % with vold up there but I think they are more of a UADA and Watain sounding band with a Mayhem twist.

    – love the whole album but my favorites are GWT and Death hymn –

  5. Really awesome stuff, especially for their first album, not sure if I agree that it’s the best usbm out now but it’s up there, I recommend if you like valkyrja, uada, Nyla, taake and mayhem you would dig these guys
    Graven and deathymn are my favs

    Hail death

  6. Coffin Nails is cool as shit! wew.

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