Apr 112017


Ungraved Apparition come to us from the Russian city of Ekaterinburg on the border of Europe and Asia. With their new concept album PULSE_0, they explore “the inner world of a person and his desperate struggle for every minute of life”, while merging two worlds: “the world of depression and despair from incurable diseases, the sadism of bloody surgery experiments; and the afterlife, inhabited by the suffering souls of the dead people, the chilling horror of which is squeezed by convulsive cries in the throat”.

PULSE_0 will be released by GrimmDistribution (Belarus) on April 23rd. Two songs from the album have appeared so far, and we bring you the premiere of a third one, “Гнилостные бактерии“, which translates to English as “Putrefactive Bacteria”.



When I first encountered the album’s cover art and photos of the band, I guessed that the music would be goregrind or perhaps brutal death metal, but that speculation proved to be wrong-headed. The music is none of those things, and it’s difficult to classify with any other familiar labels.

“Гнилостные бактерии” is neither frenzied nor chaotic, but instead slow, gloom-shrouded, and spellbinding despite the presence of raking guitar abrasion and vocals that reach truly hair-raising levels of bestial savagery. The song is massively heavy, but its deep and corrosive low-end is balanced by high, ethereal guitar melodies that reverberate and shimmer, and near the end by an emotionally intense and enrapturing guitar solo.

The music is wrenchingly sorrowful in its mood but also powerfully jolting, and mystical. In genre terms, I suppose you could contemplate a dark union of doom, death, and perhaps post-metal. Or you could just put those questions aside and listen to this immersive song.


Below you will find the track list along with our premiere of “Гнилостные бактерии” and those two previously released songs, “Кома” and “Гангрена“. Both of them are also excellent. PULSE_0 can be ordered now at this location:


01. Кома
02. Спаси! (Intro)
03. Спаси!
04. Тот, кто не дышит (Intro)
05. Тот, кто не дышит
06. Неумершее явление (Intro)
07. Неумершее явление
08. Гнилостные бактерии (Intro)
09. Гнилостные бактерии
10. Гангрена (Intro)
11. Гангрена
12. Пыль (Intro)
13. Пыль
Length – 34:04

Ungraved Apparition:





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