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You were meant to suffer, to experience the collapse of empirical foundations you thought could be relied upon, to bend before winds of pestilence, shuddering in a last paroxysm before suffocation claims you and your remains are consumed in a deluge of fire. Raise high a crown for decadence… because Yod Sabbaoth cannot save you.

Judging from the song titles in Goldenpyre‘s debut album, In Eminent Disgrace, all of which I just worked into that first paragraph above, this Portuguese band’s outlook on existence is morbid and brutal… or perhaps not… but they’ve certainly done a hell of a job capturing the ravaging horrors of insanity, disease, and death in their first full-length. The album will be released on April 20 by Signal Rex and a consortium of other labels, and today we present a full stream of its eight songs.



Taking cues from the likes of Morbid Angel, Immolation, and Hate Eternal, Goldenpyre have created a technically-inclined death metal monstrosity that’s relentlessly malignant, full of down-tuned riffs permeated with minor-key morbidity and queasy arpeggios, and driven by pummeling drumwork that’s heavy on dismantling double-bass flurries and pneumatic hammering.

The band change gears with regularity, alternating between vicious feeding frenzies propelled by stomach-churning, meat-grinding riffs, brutish, lumbering lurches, merciless stomps, and diseased crawls. There’s also an alien, perhaps Lovecraftian, atmosphere that hangs about the music, thanks to eerie, vaporous guitar leads and freakish soloing. As you might expect from what you’ve read so far, the vocals are also monstrous in their array of bestial growls and ghastly howling.

You might be concerned that a non-stop course of such dense, cold, paranormal death metal mercilessness would wear out its welcome, but it actually becomes more and more seductive as the album moves ahead on its ruinous course.



Goldenpyre sprang to life in Barroselas, Portugal in 1997. Their first demo, Apocryphal, was released in 1998 and the second one, Necroterrorism, in 2001. Their first EP, Decrepidemic, was recorded in 2003, followed by the split CD Atrocities in 2005. This first album was recorded and mixed by Pedro Alves at Grave Studio (Portugal) and it was mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio (Sweden). The album’s  artwork was created by André Coelho.

In Eminent Disgrace is being released by this conspiracy of labels: Signal Rex, Chaosphere Recordings, Larvae, Murder Records, Helldprod, Raging Planet, and Vomit Your Shirt.


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