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Sometimes the name that a band chooses for itself can be a significant clue to the kind of music they make. The name Fractal Generator sounds kind of cybernetic and machine-like, although fractal repeating patterns across multiple scales of size are evident in nature as well as mathematics. But then consider further that the members of this band from Sudbury in Ontario, Canada, identify themselves by number: 040118180514 (bass, vocals), 040114090512 (drums), and 102119200914 (guitar, vocals). And then consider that the name of their debut album is Apotheosynthesis.

The album was originally self-released by the band in 2015, but it has now been embraced by Everlasting Spew Records, who will be giving it a CD release on May 19th. For those who may have overlooked the album in its original flowering, we have for you today a video for a multi-faceted track named “Abandon Earth” (and a reprise of another song unveiled not long ago by DECIBEL).



As we wrote back in 2015 when first encountering Fractal Generator, their music displays a lot of technically barn-burning fretwork and hyper-blasting drum technique, perhaps not completely machine-like but most definitely head-spinning — the kind of dizzying experience that simulates giving your brain a ride in a high-speed centrifuge. And the music also includes some cold, eerie melodic elements that, when coupled with the instrumental exuberance, conjure images of alien technicians either constructing or dismantling some massive device or edifice beyond our understanding.

Abandon Earth“, in particular, is a blending of such experiences. In part, listening to it is like being plummeted into a futuristic war zone, with projectiles whizzing about and munitions detonating with staggering force — a war zone in which insectile combatants execute their destructive imperatives with breathtaking speed and precision — and with ruthless savagery. And yet as the song progresses toward its conclusion, it transforms, with a swirling guitar melody that’s bleak and unearthly, but also mesmerizing.


Apotheosynthesis is rightly recommended by Everlasting Spew for fans of Zyklon, Wormed, early Decapitated, and Soreption. Pre-order info is below, along with the streams of “Abandon Earth” and the album’s opening track “Cycle”, which premiered earlier at DECIBEL.


Fractal Generator:

Everlasting Spew:


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