Apr 272017


Now more than 20 years into a varied musical career, Spain’s Akerbeltz has released more than a half-dozen demos and splits as well as five albums under the name shared by its sole creator. The sixth full-length, Satanic, is now set for a June 2nd release by the Spanish label BlackSeed Productions. As a sign of what the new album holds in store, today we present a stream of the second track in its running order, “A Deed Without A Name“.

Akerbeltz (the musician) has participated in a variety of other musical projects since 1989, not all of them in the vein of black metal. Among other endeavors, he has played guitar for Countess, Beheaded Lamb, and Harridan; appeared singing and playing drums in one song of a Sale Freux album; performed vocals for a Winter Frost demo; and has been the drummer for Körgull The Exterminator since the band’s inception. But Akerbeltz (the band) has been his oldest and longest-running project.



A Deed Without A Name” pulses with unholy energy and primal drive. It’s spare and stripped-down to a black core rather than elaborate or labyrinthine, propelled by a pneumatic drum-and-cymbal rhythm and swirling with dismal, disorienting chords, broken by a bout of freakish and frenzied soloing, by a change in the rhythm to an almost bouncing lope, and by a morphing of the melody to something resembling an infernal fanfare. Throughout, Akerbeltz discharges the lyrics in a nasty, abrading croak that claws at the listener’s throat.

It’s the kind of song that awakens primitive impulses, and not kindly ones, evoking images of bestial lust and sacrificial rites. Or maybe you’ll imagine something else — there’s only one way to find out.


Below we present the stream of “A Deed Without A Name“, and if you let the player continue to run after that track ends, you’ll also be able to hear the previously released track “Beyond the Reflections“.

Information about how to order Satanic will become available at these locations:

BlackSeed Shop:

BlackSeed Bandcamp:

Akerbeltz on Bandcamp:


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