May 012017


(Austin Weber brings us this premiere of a video from Buckshot Facelift, and the following introduction.)

We’ve been covering New York/Long Island-based weirdo grinders Buckshot Facelift for several years now, and every time the band drops a new release, it’s always a thrill to see the new direction they go in. The group recently dropped their 4th album, Ulcer Island, and it’s quickly become one of my favorite grind releases of the year so far, chiefly due to how far outside of the short and straightforward grind norm the music is. Buckshot Facelift write very eclectic, intricate, and death-metal-heavy grind on the majority of the songs on Ulcer Island.

As mentioned in our previous writings about Buckshot Facelift, the band rarely perform full tracks of conventional grind, though there are a few cuts like that on Ulcer Island. Overall, the music includes a lot of separate and varied death metal influences, powerviolence, and some doom sprinkled about too.

We’re here today to premiere a music video for “Don’t Hang From the Pipes”. Musically, the track is a wild journey into death-metal-riddled grindcore, delivered in a unique way that doesn’t resemble what most people would think of as deathgrind.



The video we’re premiering perfectly captures the band’s vibe of being silly and fun-loving people; they’re clearly having a blast playing live in the video. Interspersed with the live show footage are scenes of an extended bit with the band goofing off outside the show during the song’s slower moments, and it cracks me up every time I watch this.

If you haven’t heard Ulcer Island yet, I highly suggest you check it out. The album is available now through Paragon Records. Buckshot Facelift currently have a handful of tour dates coming up in May and one in June — be sure to catch them live if they invade your area. Dates and locations follow below.

May 5th @ Century in Philadelphia, PA
May 6th @ Riffhouse Pub in Chesapeake, VA
May 7th @ Hartleys in NJ
May 27th @ Wild Fest at AMH in Amityville, Long Island
June 16th @ Shakers Pub in Oakdale, Long Island

Stream and Buy:




  1. That’s some serious mooshing

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