May 242017


(Austin Weber introduces our premiere of a new single by NY’s Buckshot Facelift.)

For many of us, the metal scene is a family of its own, and when one of our own passes, we often try to pay tribute in some form, and in some situations help raise funds for their families who are left behind. As a band who have always viewed their local scene as their family, Buckshot Facelift are releasing a new song we’re premiering today called “Bobby Boy”, in honor of their local deceased friend Rob McAllister.

The song is a chaotic and interesting slice of weird, genre-bending grind, which is oddly the norm for Buckshot Facelift. It’s a raging elegy for a fallen comrade, one that’s played tightly, but in a free-flowing manner, cycling and rampaging through genres and passages with wild abandon like a drunken rhino on LSD. Continue reading »

May 012017


(Austin Weber brings us this premiere of a video from Buckshot Facelift, and the following introduction.)

We’ve been covering New York/Long Island-based weirdo grinders Buckshot Facelift for several years now, and every time the band drops a new release, it’s always a thrill to see the new direction they go in. The group recently dropped their 4th album, Ulcer Island, and it’s quickly become one of my favorite grind releases of the year so far, chiefly due to how far outside of the short and straightforward grind norm the music is. Buckshot Facelift write very eclectic, intricate, and death-metal-heavy grind on the majority of the songs on Ulcer Island.

As mentioned in our previous writings about Buckshot Facelift, the band rarely perform full tracks of conventional grind, though there are a few cuts like that on Ulcer Island. Overall, the music includes a lot of separate and varied death metal influences, powerviolence, and some doom sprinkled about too.

We’re here today to premiere a music video for “Don’t Hang From the Pipes”. Musically, the track is a wild journey into death-metal-riddled grindcore, delivered in a unique way that doesn’t resemble what most people would think of as deathgrind. Continue reading »

Oct 122016



(Austin Weber prepared this multi-part unearthing of new music, and today he focused on releases from three bands — Buckshot Facelift, Omnea, and The Conjuration — while also urging you to go spend your time at another site!)

While I’m not quite egotistical enough to think anyone who reads this site has missed my multi-part underground music articles, I can at least speak for myself and say that I’ve missed doing them! With that in mind, there will be at least three or four more editions of this article to come. So prepare thyself for both weirdness and madness, because a heaping shitload of both will be covered by the time this article wraps up.

For the sake of brevity, I’m going to refrain from covering any obscure stuff I’ve covered or helped stream early through my other gig at Metal-Injection. But in spite of that, I urge you to peruse what I’ve covered there in 2016 so far through the following link here. You might be surprised at the stuff you uncover that hasn’t been covered here at NCS to date! Now onto the first installment of some new gems you absolutely must give a listen to. Continue reading »

Apr 062015


Last fall our man Austin Weber enthusiastically reviewed Living Ghosts of the North Shore, the new EP by a New York group with one of most evocative band names ever: Buckshot Facelift. Today we bring you the premiere of the band’s official video for the EP’s title track.

Before turning to the video, I want to excerpt Austin’s review, as an introduction for people who haven’t yet been exposed to Buckshot Facelift:

It’s clear from Living Ghosts of the North Shore that this is the work of a top-shelf grind band who don’t fall prey to one of the dangers that go hand-in-hand with the main strength of grind, a risk that so often becomes its weakness in lesser hands — favoring speed over memorable substance.

What Buckshot Facelift deliver here is a lot more diverse and off the beaten path, not falling within the typical punk end of the grind spectrum, nor delivering purely short songs. While there is a fair bit of death metal meat and heft to Living Ghosts of the North Shore, it’s not presented in a way that deathgrind typically sounds like, in style or in structure. As it appears here, it’s more like a monstrous slab of flesh surrounding and sloshing about between spirited grind bursts.

Continue reading »

Nov 122014


(Austin Weber reviews the new album by NY’s Buckshot Facelift.)

When I was fortunate enough to see (and cover here at NCS) the Artificial Brain, Pyrrhon, and Gigan tour in Covington, Ky, a few weeks back, I also had the honor of speaking with Artificial Brain swamp monster/wookie/vocalist Will Smith. He even gave me a copy of his old band Biolich’s material, a group I adored long before Artificial Brain or Buckshot Facelift came into existence. I’ll embed a song by them at the end of this review for those interested. (The band started out as a Demilich worship act, but evolved into something much more eclectic later on. Biolich even had the superbly talented guitarist Andrew Hock (Castavet) in their ranks, but not many know that either.)

But to get back on topic, in the course of our conversation Will let me know that his other band, Buckshot Facelift, had a new EP coming out soon. He graciously gave me a physical copy in order to check it out — under one condition: He told me to be honest with how I felt about it. And honestly, its fucking awesome, hence this review. Continue reading »