Apr 062015


Last fall our man Austin Weber enthusiastically reviewed Living Ghosts of the North Shore, the new EP by a New York group with one of most evocative band names ever: Buckshot Facelift. Today we bring you the premiere of the band’s official video for the EP’s title track.

Before turning to the video, I want to excerpt Austin’s review, as an introduction for people who haven’t yet been exposed to Buckshot Facelift:

It’s clear from Living Ghosts of the North Shore that this is the work of a top-shelf grind band who don’t fall prey to one of the dangers that go hand-in-hand with the main strength of grind, a risk that so often becomes its weakness in lesser hands — favoring speed over memorable substance.

What Buckshot Facelift deliver here is a lot more diverse and off the beaten path, not falling within the typical punk end of the grind spectrum, nor delivering purely short songs. While there is a fair bit of death metal meat and heft to Living Ghosts of the North Shore, it’s not presented in a way that deathgrind typically sounds like, in style or in structure. As it appears here, it’s more like a monstrous slab of flesh surrounding and sloshing about between spirited grind bursts.


The EP’s title track provides a good example of what Austin wrote about in that excerpt. To quote him again, it “hits with a lumbering death metal weight and swagger right from the start, with a churning, thick beginning that makes clear from the onset that this isn’t grind-by-numbers, but is instead one of those rare grind acts with a unique identity all their own.” And it also provides a good vehicle for the array of brutalizing vocal stylings delivered by the band’s formidable frontman Will Smith (Artificial BrainBiolich). It will leave you bruised and hobbled… and smiling through broken teeth.



As for the video, it was filmed at Comiskey Park Bar on the North Shore of Long Island by director Kirk Farrington (who has recently worked with Pro-Pain, Internal Bleeding, and Tomorrows Victim). Known for its raw, messy hardcore shows, the bar provided a good setting for the video, which captures the mosh-worth beating that Buckshot Facelift deliver in this song.

The EP is available on Bandcamp, and well worth hearing in its entirety. Enjoy the video below….





  1. Sick!!!! Love this band!

  2. Incredible band- So much more on offer than any other grindcore act i know, Do yourselves a favour and buy the EP.

  3. what?

  4. that’s a great video, it captures their live intensity very well 🙂

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