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I usually try to describe what happens in the songs we premiere. I’m not positive why I do that, since the whole point of a premiere is to provide a platform where people can immediately listen for themselves. I suppose it’s fun for me, even if it doesn’t contribute anything important to listeners. But in the case of this new song by the Canadian death metal band Deity that we’re premiering today, I was on the verge of giving up completely.

You see, “Sacrificium” is so blindingly fast and so technically jaw-dropping that attempting to provide even a rough linguistic map of its course is a fool’s errand. It’s a truly breathtaking rocket ride, a non-stop jolt of adrenaline, so blazing in its exuberance that trying to nail it down with words seems unjust, even if that could be done.



“Sacrificium” is one of the songs on this Toronto-area duo’s new self-titled album, which will be released on June 2nd. The two artists behind Deity are old friends and experienced musicians — Danny Alessandro and John Massey — both of whom are vocalists and guitarists on this album. As you will hear, they are whirlwinds on the fretboard, with the voices of banshees and roaring bears.

To find a rhythm section that could keep up with them must have been a daunting challenge, but once they were able to get Cryptopsy’s Flo Mounier as the session drummer on the album, they must have breathed a sigh of relief (and session bassist Florian Ravet is no slouch either). You’ll want to hear this song multiple times just to comprehend what everyone is doing, because it’s a blinding display, and Mounier and Ravet are integral parts of what makes the song so thrilling.

We have this comment about the song from John Massey:

“Sacrificium” is one of those songs when it kicks in you just want to run into the mosh pit. From the first drop you can hear the intensity of the vocals, the technical yet melodic riffing, and the hard hitting drums. We have a very Slayeresque chaotic dual guitar solo in which we pay homage to Jeff Hanneman as well.

“We kept the arrangements and transitions more true to old school death metal. Lyrically, “Sacrificium” is about people treating you like shit, trying to belittle you because they are better known, and the kind of people who wouldn’t have the guts to confront you face-to-face.”

And with that, I’m going to step aside and let you dive into this exhilarating track. Be sure to take a deep breath before you press play.

For more info about this release as it becomes available, like and follow Deity on Facebook:

Track List:
1. Suspended In Animation (1:55)
2. Beginning Of Extinction (8:18)
3. Sacrificium (4:47)
4. From Which We Came, We Now Return (8:40)
5. Rituals (4:36)
6. In Time (6:31)
7. Illuminate The Unwilling (7:57)
8. In Turmoil (We Rise) (12:54)
Album Length: 55:42



  1. This is some tasty death metal. I’m digging it a lot!

  2. What the fuck did I just listen to?! Damn.

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