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In June 2015 we premiered a split that was my first exposure to a Portland (Oregon) band named Satanarchist — and they made a damned strong impression, creating “a hell of a vicious racket with a boiling cauldron of ingredients that include elements of thrash, black metal, and crust, with a punk attitude that gives no fucks”. Earlier this month we happily discovered that Satanarchist would be releasing a debut album named First Against the Wall on June 2. The first single from the album, “Paradox“, peaked our interest very damned fast, and now we have another one for you today. This new track is “Triumph“.

As it has been in the past, Satanarchist’s music is still politically charged, and of course these days they’ve got a full tank of fury to gas up their righteous war machine — and they don’t mince words either. About this new song “Triumph“, they’ve commented as follows:


Photo by Kathleen Kennedy

“‘Triumph‘ was written about the ascent of a particular real estate mogul and reality tv host back when his candidacy for head of state appeared to be nothing more than a laughably far-fetched exercise in political theater and media manipulation. The title, a conspicuous play on his name, was not meant to communicate an expectation of his campaign’s outcome, but rather a sense of victory and relief his millions of detractors would enjoy in the event that his political rise be put to an abrupt and necessary end by whatever means possible.

“The song takes on new meaning now that he has actually somehow achieved the most powerful position in the world, and stands as our declaration that he and the entire movement that supports him and his fucked up ideologies must be challenged and crushed at every available opportunity. We stand against bigotry, hatred and violence against marginalized communities in our cities, in the heavy music scene, in halls of government, and everywhere in between. Fuck trump and everything he stands for.”

Satanarchist is a two-man group consisting of drummer/lyricist Mark Nunziata and guitarist/vocalist John Edwards. The lyrics on the new album address not only the rise of Trump but also such subjects as “environmental devastation and ecological sustainability, the rise of fascism in US politics, the damage wrought by the institution of religion, and the weight of death and loss”.

Triumph” is a blazing-fast fireball of ripping, writhing blackened thrash with a palpable sense of rage mixed with rampant destructive tendencies. Whiplashing arpeggios and molten soloing blend with caustic vocal fury. And then the song changes… slowing, and becoming brooding, bruised, doomed, and even more memorable (but still punctured by eruptions of Nunziata’s turbocharged percussive mayhem).



First Against the Wall was recorded and mixed by Fester at Haywire Studios (Usnea, Rabbits, Stoneburner) and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Obituary, Integrity, Nails). In addition to nine original compositions, the album also includes a cover of “Silver Ships Of Andilar” by Texas country legend (and one of my personal favorites) Townes Van Zandt, who died far too soon 20 years ago. It will be released on CD and digitally, on June 2.



In conjunction with the release of First Against The Wall, the band will embark on a cross-Canada tour from May 26th through June 10th, with Spinesplitter along for the first leg of the tour, and with Hard Charger accompanying them on the rest of the dates. Additional tour dates will be announced in the coming weeks. Here’s the current schedule:

SATANARCHIST Canada Tour 2017:

5/26/2017 The Beer Gardens – Charlottetown, PEI w/ Spinesplitter, Busted Skulls
5/27/2017 Gus Pub – Halifax, NS w/ Spinesplitter, CrotchRot, Versifist
5/28/2017 Claudes House – Moncton, NB w/ Spinesplitter, Diner Drugs
5/29/2017 The Capital – Fredericton, NB w/ Spinesplitter, Mangler
6/01/2017 Maniac Mansion – Fredericton, NB w/ Hard Charger
6/02/2017 Scanner Bistro – Quebec City, QC w/ Hard Charger
6/03/2017 House Of Targ – Ottawa, ON w/ Hard Charger
6/0/2017 The Garnet – Peterborough, ON w/ Hard Charger
6/05/2017 Doors Pub – Hamilton, ON w/ Hard Charger, Greber, Thick Piss
6/06/2017 The Windsor Beer Exchange – Windsor, ON w/ Hard Charger
6/07/2017 The Temple – St. Catherines, ON w/ Hard Charger
6/08/2017 Coalition – Toronto, ON w/ Hard Charger, F*ckhawk, Black Tar
6/09/2017 Fattal – Montreal, QC w/ Hard Charger
6/10/2017 Rock Le Stage – Trois Rivieres, QC w/ Hard Charger

Post-Tour Show: 6/14/2017 High Water Mark, with Barghest and Recluse (info here)



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