Jun 222017


Neverending Trail of Skulls” could well serve as the name of the path followed by extreme metal from the late ’80s up to the present and beyond, but instead it’s the name of the second album by the Italian band Gravesite, whose line-up includes members of the late lamented Undead Creep, as well as Haemophagus and Cancer Spreading (among others), and whose fixation with horror is spread all over this new record.

The album is set for release on August 1 by Xtreem Music, and what we bring you today, swaddled in bloody rags, is a song bearing the gruesome title “Postmortem Fetal Extrusion (Coffin Birth)“.



If you have guessed already that Gravesite is a death metal band, you would be correct, but this new song also has big strands of thrash and doom in its DNA.

For much of its duration, it pulses and surges with high-octane energy, driven by a hard-punching rhythm section. And over that full-throttle propulsion, the guitarist puts on a show, delivering riffs that writhe like snakes, slash like sabres, and dart and jab like a prizefighter.

And then the pace slows, that guitar moaning like a mourner at a morbid grave-side interment, before the band kick it into high gear again for a ripping and rampaging finale.

There’s one more noteworthy aspect of this song (and the album), and that’s the especially ghastly, sharp-spiked sound of the vocals. They’re distinctive enough to stand out in a crowded field.



Neverending Trail of Skulls was recorded by Umberto Furlan at Black Sun Studio and was mastered by Dan Lowndes at Resonance Sound Studio, with artwork by Matteo Zanella. Check out our premiere below, along with a stream of the previously released title track.



Xtreem Music:

01 Neverending Trail of Skulls
02 Postmortem Fetal Extrusion (Coffi
03 Sewer Freaks
04 Global Disease Madness
05 Forced to Cannibalism
06 Atrophied Organs
07 Town of the Re-animated
08 Swallowed in Darkness



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