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Perhaps you remember the Scottish band Party Cannon from our premiere of a song exactly one month ago. They sometimes spell their name PaRtY-CaNnOn. Their logo looks like something you might find on a child’s lunch box. They refer to their music as “Party Slam”. And the name of their new EP is Perverse Party Platter (it will be released tomorrow — July 7th — by Gore House Productions).

If you listened to our premiere of “Keg Crusher“, you know that all of this is a bit of a misdirection. As I wrote then, that song is a “seriously ruinous piece of mayhem, a blast of death/grind and slam that’s hard and heavy enough to cause blunt force trauma and viciously destructive enough to leave the rooms in your mind lying in a smoking rubble.” “I mean, sure, it’s a lot of fun, too, but the kind of fun cats have playing with mice before biting down on their skulls and devouring their brains.”



There are four more tracks on Perverse Party Platter, all of which you can listen to below, and they’re just as ruinously destructive and highly invigorating as “Keg Crusher”. With a roaring, gagging, croaking horror behind the mic and a dextrous and murderous bunch manning the instrumental armaments, the band rampage and pound, grind and slam, swarm and slaughter, with bloodthirsty intensity.

To be sure, there is humor to be found in the song titles and lyrics of this EP (and in a scattering of samples), but I would say that most of the fun comes from being whipped, whirled, mauled, mangled, and beaten to a pulp by the music. And these maniacs know how to do all of that with a high level of skill and the right kind of spirit.

All kidding aside, this really is good. Bury your head in this perverse party platter below.



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