Aug 282017


Worm was given birth in Florida, emerging from the stench of what must have been the most fetid and leech-ridden swamp in the State, the unnatural offspring of gators and ghouls, a hungering and heartless entity reeking of carrion decay and slavering for human flesh.

Or at least that’s what your imagination may tell you after you’ve listened to the song we’re premiering today. “Winged Beast of the Phantom Crypt” is one of the horrifying tracks from Worm’s 42-minute debut album Evocation of the Black Marsh, which will be released by Iron Bonehead Productions on September 29th.



Rather than gators and ghouls, the creator of Worm is a Florida musician appropriately named Fantomslaughter. As a solo creator he released two Worm demos entitled The Deep Dark Earth Underlines All (2014) and Nights in Hell (2016), and is now joined by an ally named Equimanthorn for this first album.

If you have seen any press materials for the album, then you saw references to the foul creations of early Goatlord and Mortuary Drape as points of comparison. And those are good introductory triangulation points for the grotesqueries that Worm has created here.

Winged Beast of the Phantom Crypt” is a particularly gruesome example of Worm’s talents, a track made of deep, corrosive, malignant chords that become increasingly dank and harrowing as the song moves forward, aided and abetted by production techniques that give it an uncomfortably rough and raw sound and a terrifying voice that summons visions of werewolves and dragons on the loose.

Apart from the song’s success in creating a thick, toxic, monstrous atmosphere, it also maintains a grip on the listener’s throat with dynamic tempo movements that include hammering rampages and murderous, soul-sucking stomps that drag the listener deeper and deeper into a quagmire of filth and festering disease.


Evocation of the Black Marsh will be released by Iron Bonehead on vinyl, tape, and digitally. Check out “Winged Beast of the Phantom Crypt” below, along with a stream of the album’s title track.





  1. “the most fetid and leech-ridden swamp in the State” So all of Florida.

  2. I can’t say I don’t like the sound of Worm in the morning, looking forward to the album.

  3. Too bad they pushed the volume of the tracks so high, i really like the riffs and vocals but the distortion and crackling makes it unlistenable. A real shame, because otherwise I would have really dug this.

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