Sep 202017


Great lashing storm gales of guitar sound assault the senses. The pulse of the drum and bass sound erratic, find a rhythm, stop altogether, detonate in massive eruptions, move in deliberate and ponderous footfalls. The melody looms and swirls, heaves and shimmers. Peals of dissonance flower and subside. A maniacal voice hurls caustic, blood-chilling shrieks through the song’s titanic movements. The effect is dramatic, unnerving, sorcerous.

And those are this listener’s impressions of “Et Ceux En Lesquels Ils Croyaient“, the second track on the second album by Throane that we’re premiering in this post. Entitled Plus Une Main A Mordre (“No Hand Left to Bite”), it will be released by Debemur Morti Productions on the 20th of October.



The music in this new song shakes the listener out of complacency, rivets one’s attention, spawns strange visions, manifests gloom, violence, disillusionment, and a sense that things aren’t what they seem.

A press release tells us that the album “seeks balance between the struggle and the letting go, passing from chaos to quiet in revelatory circular motions…. This is a record of cities as tombs, of failing industry, corroding capitalism, fractured lives, divided peoples, isolationism and lack.” Based upon the music, and even what you can hear in this single song, those descriptions make sense.

In simple genre terms, the music is made of doom, post-black metal, post-hardcore, and dark industrial music, though ticking off the ingredients only hints at what the music conveys.


Throane is the musical alter ego of French photographer, illustrator, designer Dehn Sora, whose creations have accompanied albums by the likes of Blut Aus Nord, Ulver, Deathspell Omega, and many others. He wrote the music and performed everything on Plus Une Main A Mordre other than the drums, and he created the album’s visual content.

Drums on the album were performed by Gregoire Quartier of Cortez. The title track, which ends the record, includes guest vocals by Colin Van Eeckhout (Amenra), Sylvain (Incivil Tragedis), and French graphic designer Valnoir. The album was produced, mixed, and mastered by Samuel Vaney at Lead & Sulfur Studio in Switzerland.

Pre-order links and the track list can be found below, along with the stream of “Et Ceux En Lesquels Ils Croyaient“.

Digipack CD :
Vinyl :
Digital :


1. Aux Tirs Et Aux Traits
2. Et Ceux En Lesquels Ils Croyaient
3. A Trop Réclamer Les Vers
4. Et Tout Finira Par Chuter
5. Mille Autres
6. Plus Une Main À Mordre



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