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(Vonlughlio provides this review of the debut album by the Italian/Russian brutal death metal band Interminable Corruptions.)

Back in 2016 while doing my top BDM albums list, I stumbled upon a band called Anomalistic (from Basil) who had released their sophomore album, Human Decimation, via Reality Fade Records, an up-and-coming BDM label based in Ukraine. That album ended up in my top 50 and I got the chance to meet (at least on FB) the owner of the label, Dimitry (a nice dude with an extensive knowledge in BDM). From that time on, I’ve been on the lookout for future Reality Fade releases.

Either at the end of 2016 or the beginning of 2017, the label announced the release of the Coprobaptized Cunthunter EP (a marvelous release) and Interminable Corruptions’ debut album, Xenodimensional Conflux.  I was not familiar with Interminable since they are a new band that had formed back in 2014 and had only released a demo and a split. Some lineup changes occurred before their full-length release, and who they now have as a vocalist is none other than Mr. Paolo Chiti (Ex-Putridity, Devangelic, and Antropofagus) — simply one of the best BDM frontmen!!! Everyone who is into the genre knows this name, and he is well-respected.



Before the release date the label revealed a song and I was instantly blown away by the level of execution and the precision, and of course the vocal patterns were just outstanding. Flash-forward to the release day, and I discovered that this is ONE OF THE BEST BDM RELEASES OF 2017, a top 10 for sure in my humble opinion.

In the riffs you can appreciate a mix of Progressive and Technical elements to some extent, but rest assured, the fast-paced structure of the songs and their delivery is BDM-focused, in a way that reminds me of Guttural Secrete and Disgorge. One aspect that I also enjoy is the overall production of this release, which perfectly captures the sound the band were going for. In addition, the album cover and inlay captures the whole Science Fiction Horror theme and is somewhat different in this genre.

This record may at first exposure seem like straightforward BDM, but it has complexity within the structure of the songs. Intense blast-beats with changing riffs and low-end gutturals make for an overall complex BDM masterpiece that I believe will stand as among the best debuts in the genre. Dimitry (Reality Fade’s owner) believed so much in this project that he also contributed to the overall theme the band developed for the album, and that for me shows the level of commitment he has to his bands.

As I mentioned, the band has experienced changes in their lineup over the years and recently added a new drummer, who will be part of their sophomore release — and that is the one and only Marco Coghe (Devangelic, Catastrophic Evolution, and Posthuman Abomination), a very talented drummer who should get more recognition. So the current lineup is as follows:

Paolo Chiti — Vocals
Valetin – Bass
Nick – Guitars
Roman – Guitars
Marco Coghe — Drums


If you have time, I highly recommend you check out the band and the other releases from Reality Fade Records.




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