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On Friday the 13th of this month Montreal’s WarCall released their fourth record, Invaders, a concept album based on humanity fighting back an alien invasion, with lyrical themes that focus on topics such as the importance of resisting oppression. What we have for you today is the debut of a lyric video for a track named “Bully Bastard“.

WarCall guitarist and backing vocalist Mat Simard sent us this comment from Europe, where the band are in the midst of a tour in support of the album: “The song shows a different side to the style of the album, more groove oriented. We wanted to do a lyric video from this one because the text is interesting, talking about standing up for what you believe in. I see it as a very very heavy rock song.” And it definitely is that.



Actually, “very very heavy” doesn’t go far enough. “Bully Bastard” slugs had enough to loosen teeth and leave bruises, and the grooves are damned compulsive, too, so loosen up your neck muscles before diving into this track. But while the song rocks hard enough to shake listeners like rag dolls, the music also channels rage and intensity through the raw grit of the vocals and the grim (but very catchy) vehemence of the riffs.

WarCall claim influence from such greats as Iron Maiden, Metallica, Motörhead, Dissection, and Slayer, and guitarist Mat describes the band’s music as “fast, aggressive, melodic, dramatic, aggressive!”. Right again.


Check out the new lyric video below, and if you missed the premiere of the full album stream when it happened at DECIBEL, we’ve included that here as well.

As mentioned earlier, WarCall are currently embarked on a European tour, and the remaining dates are below, along with a poster for the tour:



Remaining Dates:
October 25 – Elastic Bar – Strasbourg, FR
October 27 – Rockberry Bar Prague, CZ
October 29 – No Man’s Land – Volmerange Les-Mines, FR






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