Nov 062017


A cacophony of demonic shrieking and roaring is the first assault on the senses that you’ll hear in this new song. It builds tension, and it conveys a warning that a violent and blood-freezing experience will follow on its heels… and that promise is fulfilled.

The name of the song is “Herencia Terrena” (“Earthly Inheritance”, according to Google Translate), and it appears on Llamas De Gloria Primera, the impressive debut album of the Argentinian black metal band Enoquian, which will be jointly released on November 25 by Satanath Records (Russia) and Morbid Skull Records (El Salvador).



Enoquian are a relatively new band (formed in 2015) from the city of General Roca in the province of Río Negro, and there are only two men in the band (guitarist/vocalist F. Dieser and drummer F.T.), though they sound like an army.

After that opening salvo of horrifying voices, “Herencia Terrena” intensifies the assault with drumming that sounds like a cannonade, and a toxic haze of slashing riffs. As this destructive campaign unfolds, F. Dieser moves rapidly among riffs that jab and jolt and hammer like a pile-driver, while also discharging flashes of alien dissonance and frenzied swirls of eerie, buzzing noise. His vocals also fulfill the promise of the song’s opening cacophony — they’re an unhinged expulsion of enraged howls and throat-tearing shrieks.

And so the song becomes a conjunction of physically arresting, blood-lusting savagery and poisonous, unearthly atmosphere. It’s a real rush to hear, and a great example of what these two young slaughterers have achieved on this debut record.


Satanath and Morbid Skull are releasing the album in a jewel-box, vinyl-style CD edition with a 12-page booklet, limited to 500 copies. For pre-order info, check the links below. And keep an eye on Enoquian — they’re already at work on a second album.

Below you will also find not only our premiere of “Herencia Terrena” but also two more songs, the title track (a free download at Bandcamp), and “Esclavizando Al Maestro”.

01. Poderes Perdurables
02. Llamas De Gloria Primera
03. Extremo Erróneo
04. Esclavizando Al Maestro
05. Herencia Terrena
06. Destructores Del Ser
07. Control Trapezoidal
08. Equilibrio
Length – 39:10





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