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Almost one full year has passed since my roving eyes were struck motionless by the news that Jonny Pettersson (Wombbath, Just Before DawnAshcloudHenry Kane) and Dave Ingram (EchelonDown Among The Dead Men, ex-Hail Of Bullets/Bolt Thrower/Benediction) had joined forces in a new death metal band named Ursinne.

And now three months have passed since the release of their stupendous debut album, Swim With the Leviathan, through Transcending Obscurity Records. No true devotee of old school death metal should have missed that signal event, but now is a good time for a reminder for those who might have.

The reminder comes in the form of a music video that we’re premiering today for the album’s 10th track, “Something Wicked This Way Comes” — and yes, yes it does.



The term “Old School Death Metal” covers not one school, of course, but many — more like a campus of ghoulish colleges than a single institution. In the case of this band, different antecedents are drawn together like a team of hellish stallions, though the music’s massive guitar tone might immediately put Swedish death metal in the lead position, with Lucifer on its back.

Something Wicked This Way Comes” really is very wicked. It has a titanic sound as it rampages and romps through the suddenly fragile walls of your skull, with Dave Ingram’s electrifying roars gnashing at the listener’s sanity. But while the music is possessed of a voracious ferocity and a grim, murderous determination, its chorus sounds like an ominous fanfare to a looming satanic eminence.

Fittingly, the video is a collage of infernal imagery, including excerpts of the (foolhardy) efforts of two priests to defeat a demonic presence with the sign of the cross.



Swim With the Leviathan was released on August 20 of this year through Transcending Obscurity Records.  On the album, Jonny Petterson performed all instruments (and he created the cover art as well), and Dave Ingram wrote the lyrics and gave his powerful voice to them, with a guest assist by Massacre’s Kam Lee on the track “Monsters In the Parasol”. Ursinne’s line-up also now includes bassist Sonia Nusselder (Sepiroth, ex-Ecocide, ex-Shade of Hatred).

To order Swim With the Leviathan, visit the album’s Bandcamp page, and be sure to follow Ursinne’s further activities via Facebook.



Transcending Obscurity Records:




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