Nov 142017


I’m going to cut to the chase: Iperyt’sMindtaker” is indeed a mind-taker. Hugely destructive and hugely addictive, it’s a jet-fast main-lining of unadulterated adrenaline that earns the label this Polish band stamp upon their music: “Satanik Terror Metal”.

Mindtaker” is the 9th track on Iperyt’s new record, The Patchwork Gehinnom. It’s their third album and the first one in six years, and it will be upon us on December 15 through the infernal graces of Pagan Records.



I can’t overemphasize how electrifying “Mindtaker” is. It combines black metal ferocity, death/grind speed and power, and machine-precise pneumatic rhythms that have an industrial drive. The low end explodes like artillery fire; the rush of hyper-fast jolting riffs spurs the pulse; and the terroristic vocals portend the coming of indiscriminate death.

Oh, but there’s more… swirls of eerie, incandescent melody; eruptions of dervish-like guitar frenzy; sharp segues into stalking cadences and ominous chords. And so the song plays with your mind as well as shooting high-voltage power straight into your spine.

I haven’t yet listened to the rest of this album… but I won’t wait long. If the rest of it is anything like this track we’re bringing you right now, it will be one psychotic war zone well worth visiting.


The Patchwork Gehinnom will be released in CD, LP, and digital formats. You’ll find a pre-order link below the track list.

1. Phantom Black Dogs
2. From Nowhere to Nowhere
3. What Man Creates
4. With Eyes Wide Shut
5. Devil’s Violent Breed
6. These Walls (Have Seen)
7. Scars are Still Sexy
8. Primitive Darkness
9. Mindtaker
10. Worms of the Modern World
11. Checkmate, God!



Pagan Records:



  1. The first new Iperyt album teaser was published back in 2014 but it took 3 years for another official update. I thought it may never appear but it’s finally here and it was worth waiting.

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