Nov 142017


(TheMadIsraeli returns with another blast of fast recommendations, with music streams that will let you take the full plunge.)

Welcome back to rapid fire recommendations where I throw brief reviews or recommendations of albums that would have been reviewed already if we hadn’t been drowning in the metallic avalanche of 2017.

Deivos – Endemic Divine

Polish hyper-death titans Deivos have put out a killer death metal record bathed in rabies, bath salts, beefy guitars, schizophrenic riffs, and classically Polish militaristic technical drumwork.



Boasting a fat mix that complements the music and adds to the sensation of getting punched in the chest by a golem that Deivos embodies, this album is sick.











Mortifica – Atrocious Autopsy

Mortifica are a technical death metal band from New Haven that get technical death metal, and their debut full-length Atrocious Autopsy is a terrific example that up-and-coming bands should look to for guidance.

Brutal, pissed, raw vocals; varied riffing that borrows from all schools of death metal; progressive song structures; and the mixing of old and new-school sensibilities make this an album worth checking out.










Prayers Of Sanity – Face Of The Unknown

Thrash is having one of its best and worst years this year. While some of the best thrash I’ve heard in the last five years has come out, some of the absolute most generic trash has also arrived. Prayers Of Insanity is in the former category.

This is absolutely exceptional technical thrash metal with a crossover bent, channeling the likes of Anthrax, Evile, DRI, Vio-Lence, and Stone. Face Of The Unknown is a terrific album, especially for those who like thrash riff-porn, because these guys fucking deliver. We premiered “Dead Alive” off this record back in April. I suggest diving into this one.










Ophis – The Dismal Circle

The genre of death-doom (as well as related variants of funeral doom) has been on an absolute roll this year, with some of the best releases in the genre coming out swinging for the first time in a few years.

Ophis provides the sort of crushing solemn contemplation this style does so well. Great melodies, anguished gutterals, and amazingly poetic song-writing.











The Wrath Project – Der Zerstorer

The Wrath Project play a claustrophobic style of industrialized death-thrash filled with machine-gun fire, laser-precision riffing, drums that sound like the inner workings of a fully automated weapons factory, and all of that combined with very human throaty and raw vocals.

Der Zerstorer is another one of the best thrash albums of the entire year, bearing a unique tonality and style that makes it stick out above the rest.




  1. I enjoyed Abhorrence In Opulence, but this new Ophis album has snuck underneath my radar.
    A nice Rapid Fire post that doesn’t drown the reader in words. I could learn a thing or two. But let’s be realistic; I most likely won’t.

  2. Same here. Also enjoyed the other side of the spectrum with Mortifica.
    So thank you kindly, Sir!

  3. Can I point out the Ophis is something special guys…. thanks for the heads up.

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