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If you’re a dyed-in-the-wool metalhead, you gotta love the title of this song. The band’s name is definitely well-chosen, too; it’s a completely fitting description of what their music does to your nervous system. And that album art (which is a bit Demilich-esque, and for good reason) is going to catch some eyes as well. In other words, this is an enticing package for sure.

But even better, the song itself is a killer.

What we have for you is the premiere of “Mood For the Blade“, the first single to be released from Sanguine Vigil, which is the debut album of the Finnish death/grind band Galvanizer. It’s set for a February 28 CD release by Everlasting Spew Records, with a vinyl edition coming later this year via Me Saco Un Ojo.



Mood For the Blade” comes out of the gate in a full-throttle, titanically toned barrage, a massive attack that features prominent bass work, rancid and ravaging riffs with that good old mangling chainsaw sound, gunshot snare cracks and gut-slugging bass-drum rhythms, and monstrous vocal roaring. When the pace does slow a bit, the atmosphere becomes even more gruesome and morbid.

On top of all those… galvanizing… features, the song includes neck-wrecking grooves and catchy vocal patterns. And speaking of grooves, the one that Galvanizer lock into around the 2:50 mark (after a build-up which forecasts that something big is coming) is tailor-made for the slow headbang.

These three dudes may look young, but they clearly have a mature command of the brand of death metal they’ve chosen to embrace.


In short, this is a hell of a song… and there’s a lot more where that came from on Sanguine Vigil. It comes recommended by Everlasting Spew for fans of old Xysma, Abhorrence, Machetazo, or early Haemorrhage.

The cover art, by the way, which we are revealing for the first time today, was created by the famed Turkka G. Rantanen, who did indeed do the cover art for Demilich‘s classic albums from the early ’90s, and dozens of other revered metal releases as well.

Check the links below for pre-order info and to stay abreast of further news and premieres leading up to the release.

Everlasting Spew:

Me Saco Un Ojo:

Galvanizer on Facebook:



  1. hmmm.. not bad. i’ll keep my ears open for this.

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