Jan 252018


It should be evident by now that many Italian death metal bands have undergone gene-splicing experimentation, introducing the speed of cheetahs and the ferocity of wolverines into their DNA, along with cybernetic augmentation that enables machine-like precision in the execution of their jet-fast musical assaults. But if more evidence were needed, we present for your consideration the debut self-titled EP of Spiritual Deception from Milano, which is being released today.

The EP’s eye-catching cover art by Chebakov (who also created the art for Hideous Divinity’s Adveniens album, among other works) ought to be sufficient inducement for you to lend the EP your ears, but I’ll try to provide further temptation.



The EP consists of three tracks — “De Rerum Humana”, “Theogenesis”, “Nevii’m” — packed into a dense and devastating 12 minutes of explosive, hyper-accelerated mayhem. It proves to be a truly breathtaking experience that swoops and dives, veers and vaults, in a maniacally exuberant fashion, like a roller-coaster that has achieved sentience and gone mad at the same time. The band display jaw-dropping levels of technical agility, as well as a penchant for throwing the listener off-balance. Somehow, however, the songs don’t completely careen off the rails in a pile-up of wreckage.

Stately organ chords open the EP (and reappear at other places) in a kind of head-fake, because very soon there’s a Vesuvius-like eruption of vicious riffing and battering drums, and no time to take a deep breath again until the end. The band dole out an array of monstrous roars and skin-splitting shrieks; darting leads and freakish note flurries; bursts of exotic melody and gliding atmospheric ambience; face-melting solos and symphonic accents; start-stop jolts and pulverizing hammer blows. The word “bombastic” comes to mind, and if you’re in need of a strong injection of adrenaline, you’ve come to the right place.


The Spiritual Deception EP will become available today via Bandcamp and the Everlasting Spew web shop. Check the links below for how to get it.

Luca Zanlorenzi: Vocals
Mirko Frontini: Guitars
Gabriele Della Stua: Bass
Manuel Del Giudice: Drums

Available through Everlasting Spew Records:





  1. very good

  2. Dann, this is very cool 🙂

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