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Cuba is home to the black metal band Skjult, through which its lone member Conspirator channels his dark and devilish creative impulses. 2016 brought forth Skjult’s first album, Within the Flesh, and on February 21st of this year Satanth Records and Black Metal Propaganda Deutschland will jointly release the second one, a 41-minute assault entitled Progenies Ov Light.

The new album, which consists of seven songs and a bonus track that appears as a tribute to Trond Alastor Nefas (Urgehal/Beastcraft), reflects changes in Skjult’s musical direction as compared to the first album. Two songs have appeared so far in the run-up to the album’s release, and today we bring you a third one: “Into the Void“.



The song title’s reference to the void is entirely fitting. The music strikes with immense, thunderous force, but it’s also frighteningly otherworldly — blood-freezing and ominous, as if capturing the sensation of a giant, rising dragon, whose vast wings blot out the moon.

The song is propelled by furious, relentlessly hammering drums, cyclonic gales of grim riffing, and murderous, serrated-edge howls. Through this storm of sound, filaments of chilling, alien melody swirl or ring out like haunting chimes. And while the music’s aggressiveness and Luciferian menace may rock you back on your heels, there is something majestic about it as well.


Progenies Ov Light is recommended for fans of Dark Funeral, Funeral Mist, Urgehal, Beastcraft, early Belphegor, and Watain. You can pre-order it via the link below. You will also have the chance to hear two more songs, “Baptized by the Unholy Goat” and “A Crown of Horns” (which is a free download at Bandcamp), in addition to our premiere of this newest one.


01. Into The Void
02. Immolation Rites
03. Summoning The Eternal Black Flames Of Death
04. Glorious Night
05. Hail Blasphemous Hated (The Lord Is Upon Us)
06. A Crown Of Horns
07. Dawn Of An Era Ov Light
08. Baptized By The Unholy Goat [bonus track]
Length – 41:43



Black Metal Propaganda Deutschland:







  1. Killer Stuff!!

  2. Nice!
    And here’s a fun-fact: Skjult is the Norwegian word for Hidden.
    Whether or not it’s intentionally, only Skjult and the Devil knows.

    • I was wondering of the name was an actual word, but was too lazy to run it through google translate. Since he’s based in La Habana, Cuba, I wouldn’t be surprised if he kept himself hidden, playing this kind of music.


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