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Last month we ushered into the world a music video for a track named “Patiently Waiting”, which will appear on the new album by Slumlord from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. That album, Preview of Hell, will be released on March 7th, and now we have another Slumlord track to hurl at your head, this one for the album’s fourth song, “Into Bone“.

There wasn’t anything patient about “Patiently Waiting,” and Slumlord weren’t holding anything back either. The song is a take-no-prisoners onslaught of pure fury in which these metallic hardcore brawlers mixed blazing drumwork and heavy, harrowing chords; brute-force, stop-start jolts and ravaging riffs; vocals that are raw and rampant in their uncut rage; and a breakdown that’s hard enough to cause severe neck trauma. The new song doesn’t show any mercy either



“Into Bone” is only two-and-a-half minutes long, but Slumlord jam a lot of varying forms of mayhem into this compact attack. It’s high-speed mauling right from the gate, then a bout of pneumatic pummeling (accented by a bleak, rising melody), followed by a big, brutish stomp. As the drums pound and tumble, the vocals turn from vicious, rabid roaring to livid yells, and the music becomes a highly headbangable flurry of punishing jabs, right up to an ending squall of noise.

Both of these adrenaline-fueled tracks pack a mean punch, and their feral power is highly infectious as well.

You can pre-order Preview of Hell via the Bandcamp link below. And we’ve included the previous video for “Patiently Waiting”, along with our premiere stream of “Into Bone”.







  1. Damn, this is seriously heavy! Cool vocals and yummy riffing 🙂

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