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Earlier this month we joined with other sites in revealing a song named “Astral” from the first album in more than five years by the French band Eryn Non Dae..  In light of that that roughly five-year break, it stands to reason that some people were being introduced to the idiosyncratic creative bent of of this band for the first time, and it’s kind of fun to imagine their surprised reactions to the unorthodox and unpredictable sound of that song. It’s going to be just as much fun imagining the reactions of listeners to the song we’re helping spread around today.

This newest revelation is named “Halo“. Like “Astral“, it will appear on the new END. album, Abandon of the Self, which will be released on March 9th by Debemur Morti Productions. Like “Astral“, it could be characterized at a high level as a multifaceted experience, blending compulsive physicality and disorienting atmosphere. In terms more suited to this specific composition, Eryn Non Dae. shake their listeners like rag dolls — we become loose-jointed playthings in their hands, heads bobbing and limbs flailing to the music’s heavy rhythmic grooves — but they’re doing other things to us at the same time.



The powerful changing drum patterns and bass lines in the song are magnetizing; it’s easy to be pulled in by them, and to follow them reflexively. But the strange, twisting guitar leads and spectral, vibrating sounds that surround those primal rhythms are unbalancing and disorienting, and that’s not the only aspect of the song that achieves such an effect. The vocalist’s fiery cries become harsh, ripping howls, like the slashing of razors dipped in acid. The music builds to a crescendo, the guitar noise becoming even more discordant.

And then the band release the tension, opening a space of near silence and then gradually filling it with roiling ambient sounds and bursts of percussive pounding. When the intensity begins to build again, the feeling of bleakness that has been flowing through the song all along becomes even more pronounced as the music surges toward a final paroxysm of physical agony and mental fracturing. And after the song has ended, you may be left wondering, “How did they do that? How did they make something so emotionally wrenching into something so hypnotic?”


Abandon of Self was recorded, mixed, and mastered by the band’s long-time collaborator Mobo, and the artwork was created by the band’s bassist Mickaël André.

The album is available for preorder now in different formats from DMP through the links below:

Gatefold CD :
Gatefold 2×12″ LP :
Digital :



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