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From very early days, horror and death metal have been intertwined, the monstrous sounds of doom and death feeding off the gruesome frights of old B-movies and tales from the crypt. It’s a venerable tradition, and one that’s constantly being renewed and replenished, as seemingly deathless as corpses who claw their way back from the graves.

Solidly within that tradition, and taking musical inspiration from old-school antecedents in the Swedish and Finnish vein, the Mexican band Summoning Death have recorded a debut album fittingly named The House That Screamed, which will be released by Chaos Records later this year. It’s an impressive full-length debut, one that breathes hideous new life into this cadaverous institution. And to help announce it, we present the second track on the album, “The Screaming Skull“, accompanied by an official video that’s a hello of a lot of fun to watch.



On this track you’re about to hear, Summoning Death embrace their influences with ravenous gusto, delivering a massive, chainsaw-toned guitar attack, driving fast and furiously on the back of hammering drums and a weighty bass pulse, with the lyrics voiced in a gruesome, guttural roar.

Fairly soon in the song, an eerie, morbid melody rises up, echoing with spectral reverberations, in a way that seizes attention. More attention-grabbing developments are yet to come, as the drum rhythm becomes more abundantly neck-snapping and the lead grows more frenzied and freakish, and as the band eventually segue into a bounding, loping cadence and then a scampering rampage fueled by an extended (and deranged) solo. The music takes a sickening turn with a gloomy stagger before accelerating again into the finale.

This casket is reserved for you… enjoy it while you can.



The House That Screamed was recorded, produced, engineered, and mixed at Dark Sound Studios in Cancun, Mexico, by Geiler May, and it was mastered by Dan Lowndes at Resonance Sound. The vivid cover art was created by John Quevedo Janssens.

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  1. Nice, that rocked. Swedish death metal style. Well done.

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