May 102018


Three years on from their eye-opening 2015 album Daemonic: The Art of Dantalion, the Belarusian blackened death metal band Veld are returning with a new full-length named S.I.N., which will be released in June by Listenable Records. In addition to the formidable talents of vocalist/guitarist Kiryl Bobryk and bassist Tomasz Wawrzak, it features the drumming of Romain Goulon (Benighted, Necrophagist) and a guest appearance by Karl Sanders (Nile).

We had the good fortune of premiering a track from the band’s last album, and now we get to do it again, presenting a ferocious head-spinner named “Grand Day of Demise“, which does indeed threaten your demise in grand fashion.



Metaphors leap to mind in abundance after listening to this track. One imagines catching a flight on the back of a swallow or experiencing the thrill of some turbocharged carnival ride that whirls like a top while simultaneously veering, vaulting, and diving as if mounted on a roller-coaster — with a roaring, blasphemous demon alongside as your companion.

To no one’s surprise, Romain Goulon turns in a brain-boggling drum performance, ably assisting in the music’s dynamic changes by moving among bursts of high-speed obliteration, start-stop hammering, and acrobatic tumbling. Not to be outdone, Tomasz Wawrzak’s bass work is both nimble and brutalizing, switching from electrifying note flurries to skull-busting pneumatic rhythms. The song races, lurches, stomps, and swings.

But what really makes the track stick in the head like a sharpened spike are the morphing patterns of Bobryk’s guitar performance, which is both physically arresting and melodically seductive. The riffs and leads alternately swarm in a vicious tremolo-picked fury, flicker like strange dancing lights, explode in fanfare-like blasts, and send out gleaming swirls with an exotic resonance. There’s a scorching, shrieking solo in the song as well.

There is indeed an air of elevating grandeur about the song — along with brutalizing ferocity and impressive technical mechanics.



S.I.N. will be released by Listenable on June 15th, and it’s available for order now in both a six-panel digipack CD edition and (with variant artwork) on transparent blue vinyl or transparent red vinyl with black marbling.





  1. I dug that first Veld album. This should be good.

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