May 112018


The song we’re about to present is one that’s so emotionally explosive and so persistently electrifying that it left this listener wide-eyed in wonder, and wondering what the hell to do with all the energy that had suddenly surged into the blood stream.

The song is “Cantus I – Teredinis Lepra“, the opening track from the new album by the Québec black metal band Délétère. Entitled De Horae Leprae, the record is described as “a monumental concept album devoted to Teredinis, a simple leper whose calling it is to become a prophet of Centipèdes as well as an incarnation of the Plague”.

The album is indeed a colossal achievement, a sprawling 65-minute opus that demands more careful consideration and a more extensive discussion than you’ll find here today. All you’ll find here — in addition to the music stream — is a gushing flood of adjectives un-corked by just this first track.



Grand organ chords introduce “Cantus I – Teredinis Lepra” in a way that’s gloomy yet enthralling, ominous and gleaming — and then the full power of the experience arrives suddenly. The transition seems natural, but the impact of the tremendous eruption of light-speed drumming, sweeping riffs, and spine-tingling shrieks is still a bit of a shock to the system. Yet it takes no time at all to be caught up and swept away by the surge.



The music is blood-rushing, head-hammering, and heart-exploding; raging, reverent, and glorious; mystical and marauding; fierce and funereal. The rhythm section is thunderously powerful; there is an air of majesty and exaltation in the ringing chords and sweeping keyboard ambience; the vibrant leads are swirling and soaring, dancing and delirious. And the vocals are on fire — absolutely riveting in their bestial, boiling, flesh-rending fury.



I did warn you that a flood of adjectives were headed your way. I’d better close the verbal floodgates before things get even more out of hand, and let you experience the energy of this Cantus for yourselves.



De Horae Leprae will be released by Sepulchral Productions on June 15th. The cover art is part of a larger work by Business for Satan. For pre-order info, check the links below.



Sepulchral Productions:

1. Cantus I – Teredinis Lepra
2. Cantus II – Sagina Caedendis
3. Cantus III – Ichthus Os Tremoris
4. Cantus IV – Inopia et Morbo
5. Cantus V – Figura Dysphila
6. Cantus VI – Barathra I
7. Cantus VII – Barathra II
8. Cantus VIII – Atrum Lilium
9. Cantus IX – Oratio Magna



  1. Wow!! This is fucking killer! Will Definitely be picking this one up!

  2. Amazing. Enscapulates perfectly why black metal is such a dynamic force.

  3. This band has been great from the start, but wow…

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