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Frank Owen Gorey is not a well person. Frank Lloyd Blight is not a well person either. Physical illness provided the genesis for their collaboration. Mental illness has kept it going.

There must be swamps in Southern Rhode Island, where these two live. I wouldn’t know. Maybe it was only the basement where F.O. Gorey was quarantined with a fever in 2014 that was swampy. We’re told that when the fever broke after days of misery, spasmodic riffs recorded in bouts of febrile dementia were left behind, and the fractured, worm-riddled foundations of Blight House had been laid, the cracked edifice thereafter completed with F.L. Blight’s assistance.

They self-released a self-titled EP of nasty, grinding death metal, but that didn’t purge the festering freakishness to which they’d given free reign. And so now there’s a new Blight House album, Summer Camp Sex Party Massacre, which will be released by Nefarious Industries on Friday, August 3rd. For fear of what might happen to us if we said no, we agreed to premiere a song from it named “Immaculate Rejection“.



The two Franks have their own way of describing the track:

“We’re excited to help everyone prime the pump with a second single from our forthcoming album, Summer Camp Sex Party Massacre. ‘Immaculate Rejection’ is a refreshing cocktail consisting of blood, urine, semen, and a black widow. Perfect for your next massacre or just casual blaspheming.”

Having slammed the song down in one gulp, which is really the only possible way to drink it, I wasn’t really paying attention to the ingredients. But even though I haven’t consumed all those ingredients before, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that’s exactly what went into this cocktail. There’s also a testimonial at the beginning of the song by a young woman who says that drink was an everyday part of her life as a member of a Satanic church.

Which is hilarious, whether it’s factual or not. The song, however, isn’t hilarious, though it definitely is a massive and insidiously addictive dose of hellish fun (I slammed it down repeatedly, as a result).


“Immaculate Rejection” kicks like a mule, with big bounding and skull-whomping grooves guaranteed to bob your head like a piston, and bursts of viciously swarming riffage tailor-made for windmilling heads. All that is addictive enough, but the weirdly warbling lead in the song might be the most unexpectedly addictive aspect of it. As you listen to that, it’s not hard to imagine the leering face of a demon flickering in your peripheral vision as you move to the compulsive momentum of everything else happening in the song. Perhaps the guttural roars and goblin shrieks that provide vocal accompaniment have something to do with such freakish visions.

Would it be too un-empathetic to say I hope the two Franks never get well? I’m only being honest about my greediness for their music. Wellness is overrated anyway, especially when it comes to death metal.


If you like this bit of deviancy, you can get yourself another quick dose from a previously premiered track, “Summer Camp Sex Party”, which I’ve thoughtfully included along with our own premiere. And then if you like those as much as I have, you can grab the album on CD or digitally via the links below. Now excuse me while I find a toothpick; I think there’s a black widow stuck in my teeth that I need to get out.

Digital: https://blighthouse.bandcamp.com/
CD: http://nefariousindustries.com/releases/nef-37/





  1. Lots of fun, great stuff! Gettin it for sure.

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