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(This is as much a testimonial from the heart as it is a review, and it comes from our friend Vonlughlio, recently transplanted from the Dominican Republic to the U.S.)

This time around I’ve been given the opportunity to do a review for Drawn and Quartered’s new opus The One Who Lurks, and forever will be grateful for this opportunity, for this is a band that has been releasing amazing albums for over 20 years and that in my humble opinion should be more recognized for their musical contributions.

I recall the first time I found out about this band as a teenager back in the Dominican Republic, alongside many other greats (Incantation, Immolation, Death, Deicide, and many more). The impact it had is still present and clear today in my late 30’s. So why do I mention this, you might ask? Let alone name the other classic bands? Because, for me, those bands and this one are at the same level, and Drawn and Quartered have been consistently releasing music that has only gotten better in time, while maintaining their signature sound.



When I do a small write-up such as this I tend to listen to the new album and then go back to a band’s previous materials, and this case was no exception. The only difference here is that I came back and listened to the new album many times after, as I just can’t get enough!!! One thing is for sure — they do maintain their signature sound, but they’ve structured their sounds quite differently from their 2012 album, Hell’s Furnace‘. This time around they went with different tempos within each song (both slow and fast), making all 8 songs memorable and unique in their own way.

The riffs and vocals have to be my favorite aspects of this band, and they seem to have matured in time, while combining to produce one hellish performance. When you listen you can feel the vocals and the message they are unleashing. and the guitar is the gateway to make that clear and loud. The drums and the bass are perfectly matched, and the way in which the record was produced enhances the powerful impact of these sound (for me, this is the best the band have ever sounded on a release). It is natural, but it fully lives up to the album’s name of The One Who Lurks.

I’ve been waiting for 6 years, and it was all worth it. I am invested emotionally with this band, and with this new music they have helped me in my new transition in life (moving to the U.S. and starting all over), just as they helped an angry and lost teenager get through some dark moments.

For me, as I told Islander, this is my favorite Death Metal album of 2018. I know that a lot of amazing albums have been released in the genre (and the year is only half over), but for me it has a special place. So if you haven’t heard this band before and you like Death Metal, do yourself a favor and change that — listen to The One Who Lurks as soon as you can. It’s about time these guys get more recognition in the Death Metal scene. They sure fucking deserve it.


The One Who Lurks is set to be released on July 27th via Krucyator Productions.

BANDCAMP: https://goo.gl/W22DwM
SHOP: https://goo.gl/LMHe4s
DIGITAL: smarturl.it/lurks

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/drawnandquartered
BANDCAMP: https://drawnandquartered1.bandcamp.com


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