Jul 302018


We’re about to present the streaming premiere of a three-track demo that’s a rush of hellish electrification — with a surprising twist at the end.

Umbra Regit is the debut recording of the Salvadorian black/thrash band Witchgöat, and it will be released on July 31st by Morbid Skull Records. It combines the talents of veteran guitarist P. Scyther, drummer E. Driller, vocalist M. Miasma, and bassist C. Fog.



The first two tracks on the demo — “Emanations From the Underworld” and “Proliferation of The Dark Souls” — truly are electrifying bursts of speed and ferocity. High, whipping riffs are matched against deep, seething ones, with the bass bubbling like a cauldron of poison, and the drums driving the adrenaline surge of the music through changing patterns that clatter, crash, tumble, boom, and mete out martial discipline. The vocals are absolutely vicious — both blood-lusting and incendiary. And when the music slows from its bat-out-of-hell pace, it becomes more reptilian and grimly murderous, with morbid melodies unfurling like ominous black flags. Both of these tracks also include riveting guitar solos that seem to burn with supernatural fire, creating spiraling, shrieking, spectral sounds that become highlights of both songs.

And then there’s the twist we mentioned — because the third track, “Towards The Gûlgaltâ“, is a beguiling acoustic guitar instrumental that to my admittedly un-trained ears has the flavor of classical flamenco music. I found it just as attention-grabbing as the black thrashing lightning rides that precede it on the demo.


Umbra Regit comes recommended for such bands as Tormentor, Kreator, Sodom, Destruction, Bathory, Sarcófago, Nifelheim, Necrophobic, Aura Noir, Vulcano, and Desaster. It’s being released by Morbid Skull in two limited cassette tape editions — but those sold out within days after pre-orders became available. Fortunately, it will also be released as a digital download, and pre-orders for those can be placed through the link below.





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