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All of the outward trappings of the Perúvian death metal band Rotten Evisceration suggest an experience of depraved, gore-splattered, blunt-force horror — from their name, to the cover art for their debut album Ancient Grave Ascension, to the titles on the album’s track list. All these outward signs might lead some to conclude that their music is entirely devoted to brutal bludgeoning and mindless mayhem, and that’s not far from the truth, but it’s definitely not the whole truth, as you’re about to discover.

It’s our putrid pleasure to announce the details of this release, along with that ghastly cover art: Ancient Grave Ascension will be released by Blood Spattered Axe Records in conjunction with Guts ‘N’ Blood Records on November 1st of this year. And we also have for you the premiere of the breathtakingly destructive but tremendously electrifying title track from the album, delivered through a lyric video that revels in the terrors of the cover art.



In the fine tradition of such bands as Cannibal Corpse, Rotten Evisceration‘s new album is conceptually devoted to telling tales of mutilating horror and necrophiliac fantasies with the undead. And like such progenitors as Suffocation, they translate these tales of depravity into sound with impressive technical aplomb and merciless spirit. But they also reveal songwriting skills that are a match for their bloodthirsty drive and physical dexterity.

Ancient Grave Ascension” is a prime example of all those qualities. It’s stunningly vicious and produced in a way that causes it to strike with raw, overpowering force. The speed of the music and the rapidly veering changes that occur within it contribute to its success as a full-bore adrenaline rush. And it also proves to be highly addictive.

The song’s addictive qualities, and the first sign of the band’s songwriting skill, are revealed immediately. The track begins with a brutally stomping riff, a massively mauling bass line, and bursts of machine-gun snare work that seize attention. It gets stuck in the head damned fast, but an abrasively shrieking solo cuts the intro short and signals the onslaught of double-bass thunder, slashing and slithering guitar work, and gruesome guttural vocals.

The song continues to push the destructiveness into the red zone, with the sound of the battering snare drum becoming even more livid and the riffing even more maniacal. At times, it sounds like you’ve been dropped into an active war-zone, with eruptions of heavy-caliber weaponry merging into a wall of obliterating sound. It’s full-throttle mayhem until the mid-point… when that highly infectious, skull-plundering sequence from the start returns, and becomes the prelude to a flesh-melting, lightning-fast solo.

From there, things erupt into a rising crescendo of violence with riffs that buzz like a hornet swarm and razor the flesh with rapidly-scissoring tones. The drum rhythms shift again and again, with everything combining to deliver a strafing run of explosive armament at the end. Listen to this once, and the odds are that the first thing you’ll want to do next is listen to it again.


That putrid cover art on the album was created by Indonesian artist Raymond Art (Stigmatuary, Decomposed, Bloodshed, Neoplassis, Swarm Of Serpents, Slaves Of Suffering…).  The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Solar Empire Studio by Aquiles “Solar Empire” at Pueblo Libre in Lima. The album will be released in a three-panel digipak format. For more info about the release, check the links below.

Official Site:

Official Site:

1. Ascending From The Putrid Grave
2. Rotten Evisceration
3. Baptized In Semen
4. The Queen Of Anal Penetration
5. Raped And Headless
6. Master Of Vaginal Mutilation
7. Holy Butchery
8. Exhuming Corpses Of Children



  1. This is an awesome and exhaustive premiere. I am fucking excited to listen the whole album.

  2. Brutal band from peruvian hell!!!

  3. Good begginning brothers… 🙂

  4. Vale el divorcio gordito, te felicito!

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