Sep 202018


Based on the music in the song you’re about to hear — “Crippling Despair” — its title could be thought to have a dual meaning. Most obviously, it connotes paralyzing emotional devastation. But the track itself is crippling in another way — relentlessly heavy, mercilessly punishing, and remorselessly cruel.

Not for naught does Redefining Darkness Records drop references to early Cryptopsy, Monstrosity, Dying Fetus, and Deicide in describing the sounds of Mutilated By Zombies, a three-piece juggernaut from Iowa whose new album Scripts of Anguish the label will be releasing on October 5th. The music is undeniably vicious, and rhythmically compelling, and a throwback to a certain distinctively American style of old school death metal.



Mutilated By Zombies get a first round of applause for the way they chose to launch this new track. The bowing of bass strings and the eerie ripple of keyboard notes create an immediate aura of gloom and horror even before the band deploy their own methods of dark devastation, which include plundering drumwork, lead-weighted bass rhythms, and hard-jolting riffs.

Guitarist Josh DeMuth‘s vocals are monstrously deep and foul, except when they sound like the cries of a demented banshee, and the song retains a mood of crushing gloom even when the riff becomes a dangerous buzzing frenzy. Laced with rapid, freakishly darting and maliciously slashing leads, the song does indeed convey a kind of tormented despair — in addition to being crippling.


Redefining Darkness Records will release Scripts of Anguish on CD and as a digital download. The cover was created by Karl Dahmer at Dahmer Art.





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