Sep 262018


About one month ago we had the pleasure of premiering a stunning track named “Thron aus Trümmern” from the powerful new album by the German band Infestus, and now we get to bring you a second song from Thrypsis in advance of its October 5 release by Debemur Morti Productions.

As was true of “Thron aus Trümmern”, “Seed of Agony” ebbs and flows. It becomes thunderous and also fragile in its sound and mood. It dives to depths of unconsolable desolation and rises to heights of terrible, soul-splintering magnificence. But all of these evolving transformations resonate as shades and phases of emotional pain, with the most wrenching expressions of agony channeled through the truly shattering vocals of this album’s sole creator, Andras.



There are points in the song when Andras falls silent, allowing more subdued and solemn sounds to have their space. But his voice is never very far away, and the raw, wounding sound of it is persistently unsettling. The musical experience is itself intense; his voice is emotionally obliterating.

The contrasts in the music become evident at the outset through the pairing of heavy, grim reverberations down below and scintillating vibrations up above, and many more dynamic contrasts lie ahead. The first sounds of howling agony are paired with ferocious drum battering; the riffing becomes frenzied and fierce as the vocals become unhinged and incinerating. The chords pulse and writhe over a fusillade of blasting percussion, but just as the music becomes almost unbearably intense, there’s a sudden cessation of sound.

The slow, soft piano melody that comes next conveys a feeling of sorrow and resignation, but the interlude is quickly followed by the surge of a jolting riff and a sinuous, moody lead. Fueled by a soulful, melancholy solo that becomes feverish and fiery, the music soars. A grim, buzzing bridge leads to a galloping rhythm and jabbing chords, and the music ascends again, through a sound that seems to combine grandeur and grief — with one final subsidence into a haunting finish.


As noted, this Infestus album was solely composed and performed by Andras, who also mixed the album. He teamed with graphic designer (and Infestus live guitarist) Chris Ain for the artwork, and the record was mastered by Woodshed Studio. Debemur Morti will release the album on CD and vinyl, as well as digitally. The track list and pre-order links are below.

01. Of Unhallowed Soil
02. Thron aus Trümmern
03. Seed of Agony
04. Nights
05. Psychonecrosis
06. Pulse of Annihilation
07. Separatist




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