Oct 182018


After three years of toil, the Russian death metal band Pannychida have completed their new album, Missense Mutation, and it’s now set for release on October 31st by Satanath Records and More Hate Productions. And guess what? We have a song premiere for you, a track off the new album named “Harmonious Mechanism“.

It would be fair to characterize the music as old school death metal, but of what kind? The releasing labels recommend the music for fans of Death, Pestilence, and Suffocation, and that provides some guidance. As for this song, let’s just say that if you’re feeling sleepy when you begin to listen, you won’t feel that way after you finish. Despite a sudden onset of sore-neck syndrome, you might instead feel like careening off the walls in a burst of savage merriment (or at least nodding your head and smiling in evil satisfaction).



Pannychida don’t profess to have broken any molds in the crafting of their own creations, but they throw themselves into the effort with such riotous energy and such technically impressive execution that the energy they create is highly communicable.

Fast and ferocious, “Harmonious Mechanism” is full-throttle thrashing death with near-constant changes in riffing and rhythmic battering. The song combines hyper-speed tremolo swarming and frenetic jabbing and jolting riffs over an array of pulse-like bass lines. It sounds like a poisonous, seething boil one moment and the operation of a fully charged nail-gun the next, accented by blaring chords and ultimately ramping up to an impressive display of destructive chaos (preceded by the only slower segment within this attack, which makes room for the sound of creepy, mewling bass notes).

Meanwhile, the drummer pummels and gallops and the vocalist vents monstrous, intimidating roars — and everything combines in a way that gets the blood racing and the muscles twitching.


The album is adorned with cover art created by Timur Khabirov Art, and it will be released in a jewel-box CD edition with an 8-page booklet, limited to 500 copies.

Enjoy “Harmonious Mechanism” below, as well as the previously released title track (which is a free download at Bandcamp).



01. Missense Mutation
02. Mental Thromb
03. Harmonious Mechanism
04. Subsistence Will
05. Trapped
06. Fear Generates Tolerance
07. Blinds Lead Blinds
08. Absurd Attacks
09. False Victim
Length – 42:20



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