Nov 092018


Earlier this fall The Way of the Hermit released the seventh album by the veteran Spanish extreme metal band Dantalion (whose career extends back to 2004), fittingly entitled The Seventh Wandering Soul. It presents more than 40 minutes of death/doom (with a bit of blackened charring from the band’s earlier days), and comes recommended for fans of the early classic sounds of My Dying Bride, November’s Doom, Katatonia, Swallow the Sun, Paradise Lost, and Morgion.

To help introduce the album to new listeners Dantalion and The Way of the Hermit have crafted a lyric video for the new album’s penultimate track, “The End of Everything“, and we’re very happy to share it with you today.



For a song that lyrically welcomes death as a rest from pain, foreseeing the end of everything, this is a powerfully vibrant and irresistibly head-moving track. The vocalist’s vicious, strangled growls do translate feelings of agony, yet the sound is also savage, and while the music includes long groaning chords that seem to manifest the black looming presence of death, and simmering leads that are penetratingly eerie and morbid, the song is anchored by jolting, spine-shaking rhythms and jabbing riffs, and accented by riotous drum eruptions.

Doom descends like a an oppressive weight in the song’s slowest movement, and the lead guitar seems to wail in anguish, but when the band ramp up the intensity one last time, they lead us to a fiery yet desolating solo over a giant, stalking rhythm that could be taken as a last fight for life, even if thoughts of extinction are not to be feared but instead embraced.


The Seventh Wandering Soul was recorded, mixed, and mastered at B2V Studios by Brais Barreiro and features cover art by Beto. It’s available in a standard jewel-case CD edition, as well as what’s left of a limited run of A5-sized digipacks with a cardboard slipcase and extended artwork, pressed on exclusive matte lamination paper. You can download a digital edition as well.





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