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Antichrist Magazine is a Ukraine-based publication devoted to metal and rock that was founded in 2003 by Oleksandr Maksymov. Originally a print publication it was converted to an on-line-only presence in 2014. On November 21st (tomorrow), Antichrist will officially release a stream-only musical compilation entitled A Tribute To Burzum, and to help spread the word we’re presenting all the music today.

While Burzum’s alter ego Varg Vikernes has become a controversial figure (to say the least), the music of Burzum undeniably has had a major impact on the evolution of black metal, and is thus a worthy subject for a tribute such as this one — for which Antichrist Magazine recruited 16 bands, as well as the Germany-based solo artist Katarina Gubanova, whose performance closes the compilation.

Those 16 bands are scattered across a dozen countries on both sides of the Atlantic, and many of them will be familiar to our readers because we’ve reviewed their music in the past. And collectively they’ve recorded tracks that add up to almost two hours of music. The complete track list is as follows — and because the compilation is presented through a YouTube stream we’re including the start times for each track:

01 – (00:18) Yaotzin (Netherlands) – Hvis lyset tar oss
02 – (08:31) Kâhld (Germany) – Jesus’ Tod
03 – (16:31) Atra Mors (Ukraine) – Belus’ død
04 – (22:50) Aetranok (USA) – A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit
05 – (34:56) Myrkur Skógur (Netherlands) – Feeble Screams from Forests Unknown
06 – (42:36) Wan (Sweden) – Stemmen fra taarnet
07 – (48:57) Dynasty of Darkness (Germany / Norway) – Dunkelheit
08 – (56:13) Mournful Winter (Germany) – My Journey to the Stars
09 – (01:04:06) Colotyphus (Ukraine) – Han som reiste
10 – (01:10:21) Unholy Baptism (USA) – Glemselens elv
11 – (01:22:04) Bestia (Estonia) – Beholding the Daughters of the Firmament
12 – (01:28:20) Chaoscraft (Greece) – War
13 – (01:30:52) Thy Unmasked (Colombia) – Vanvidd
14 – (01:36:17) Uruk-Hai (Austria) – Hermoðr á Helferð
15 – (01:39:08) Eclipse of The Sun (Hungary) – Valgaldr (Song of the Fallen)
16 – (01:43:57) Imšar (Belarus) – En ring til å herske
17 – (01:50:46) (Special bonus) Katarina Gubanova (Germany) – Ea, Lord of the Depths

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  1. That Katarina Gubanova cover is so good! Shame it’s the only thing that stands out for me, everything else just sort of blends together…

    • With all due respect but I beg to differ here and not only because I’m talking about my countrymates, but the interpretation of ‘Valgaldr” by Eclipse of the Sun stands way far above the rest of the other covers or quite possibly any Burzum covers I’ve heard so far. And yes, I’ve a heard lots of them. I do understand that for someone who doesn’t speak our language, this may sounds just weird and out of place but for Hungarian fans it just gives us goosebumps…

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