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(Vonlughlio reviews the new fourth album by the brutal death metal band Abdicate, which will be released by Sevared Records.)

This time around I’m very fortunate to be doing a small write-up for the new album by Abdicate entitled Reborn in Dyspathy, set to be released via Sevared Records in the upcoming weekd.

This project came to life back in  2008 in Rochester, New York (where I used to live in that same time), and released their debut EP Relinquish the Throne that same year. It showcased the talent and potential that could be developed in upcoming releases.

The following year they released their debut album, Forged in Ruin, and for me that was a hit and miss. I liked some songs but felt that the vocals and the music were not synched together (if that makes sense).   Then in 2011 they released their sophomore offering, Transcend Through Sacrifice, and in my eyes that was a major step up from the previous one, with improved and more diverse vocals that better integrated with the music.

The band’s third album, Fragmented Atrocities, was released in 2013, and this time the band had a new vocalist, who just crushed it with his gutturals, and that, along with the production quality, made it my favorite for all their releases. After that, the band went silent, but in 2017 I believe Sevared announced that the project had taken on new life with the addition of drummer Daniel Hemerich (Goemagot, Contrarian-Live), and that alone got me stoked, since the dude is a great drummer.

So imagine when I was given the opportunity to review this new offering — I took it right away and without hesitation at all. It’s been a long five, tumultuous years with changes within the band, to the point that this effort almost did not see the light of day. But fortunately, it will, and the cover is a great representation of the band as an entity being surrounded and refusing to cease. This album is a good reason to continue this project. It is filled with great songs played by a group of musicians who seem comfortable playing together and have great chemistry.

This record is angry, fast, and does not give a fuck what you think.  The production enhances these moods and gives the instruments more depth while allowing all of them to shine in their own way.  The vocals go hand-in-hand with the music, complementing each other, and for over 25 minutes they give us an end result that balances death metal with BDM and Technical moments (without the throw-away wankery), done with great execution and taste. The riffs and bass performances keep the listener attentive and engaged through every second, and the drums are handled with precision and with an instinct for changing the patterns perfectly throughout the eight tracks.

We don’t have a precise release date yet, or music we can share at the moment, but keep your eye on the following links for more news:




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