Dec 102018


Earlier this fall Satanath Records (Russia) and Final Gate Records (Germany) released Esoterica, the debut album of the Pittsburgh-based black metal band Automb. We had the pleasure of premiering a track from the album in advance of its release, and now we’re pleased again to present an official video for one of the album’s many riveting tracks, a song called “Mourned“.

For those who may be encountering Automb for the first time, it began as a side-project of Necrophagia guitarist Serge Streltsov and vocalist/bassist/keyboardist Danielle Evans. After the untimely passing of Streltsov‘s Necrophagia bandmate Frank “Killjoy” Pucci (to whom this new album is dedicated), he turned his full attention to Automb, and he and Danielle Evans enlisted the aid of Morbid Angel drummer Scott Fuller to create Esoterica.



And for those who might be encountering “Mourned” for the first time, it is dark, dramatic, and relentlessly intense, the music suffused with feelings of turmoil, pain, and grief. The lyrics speak of mourning for those who have lost their way — lost touch with our roots, with nature, with old ways and old gods. “We are the moon, the sun, the leaves, the snow,” the howled words say, but we have forgotten — and that sense of bitter loss comes through in the emotional resonance of the music.

There is deep power in the sound itself, the production lending clarity but preserving heaviness and force. Scott Fuller‘s drumming creates changing militaristic assaults, but also booms like savage thunder in a glowering sky, while Danielle Evans‘ bass attack creates a ravaging undercurrent. Serge Streltsov‘s riffing is fierce and seething, and the leads and soloing become heart-piercing expressions of sorrow and regret. Yet there is also a kind of stateliness and reverence in the music, befitting the song’s subject matter.

The video, also befitting the lyrical expressions, gives us panoramic vistas of nature, entwined with film of the band’s performance.

The genuine passion that comes through in this track is a hallmark of the album as a whole, and we’ve included a full stream of Esoterica along with the video. It’s available now through the links below.







  2. Honestly, thought this was a perfectly solid release, but it didn’t set my pants on fire or anything. Seemed like it was missing that extra punch to push it over into awesome

  3. Shit, I didn’t know Killjoy passed away; this is depressing.

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