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On a superficial level, the title of Wired Anxiety‘s song “Heavily Sedated” is ironic, because, as you’ll soon discover if you haven’t heard the song before, there’s nothing sedated about the music or about the effect it will produce on your nervous system. In fact, the opposite is true. Among the antonyms for “sedated” are “aggravated”, “agitated”, “disturbed”, and “excited”. Some or all of those adjectives would be suitable.

And so, while the title of the song makes sense in the context of the narrative portrayed by Wired Anxiety‘s EP, The Delirium of Negation — which revolves around the concept of mind-controlling monsters who develop a race of subservient humans — as a piece of death metal the track might have been more accurately titled “Heavily Excited” (or any of those other words, but “heavily” definitely belongs as well).

The Delirium of Negation, which includes this song as one of four, was released in 2016, but to help spread the word about it and about Wired Anxiety, today we’re premiering, as a Valentine’s Day present for lovers of death metal, a guitar playthrough video of the track that features the performance of guitarist Naval Katoch.



Wired Anxiety got their start in Mumbai, India, but since the EP’s release, band members have relocated to Atlanta and Pittsburgh, where they’re continuing to work on new music. But until we see what those efforts produce, let’s focus on this excerpt from The Delirium of Negation.

There’s a brooding and ominous air about the song as it begins, a bit of foreboding before the band begin slugging and eviscerating. A backbone of cold, brutish, heavy-grooved, yet still febrile, atonal pounding anchors the song, and it includes ravaging drumwork that goes off into different unpredictable patterns, yet always returns to help strengthen that backbone and keep the song on course.

The framework may be iron-hard (and vibrantly head-moving), but what goes on around it is frenzied and murderously vicious, from the horrid guttural roaring and squealing to the furiously writhing and rapidly darting, insectile riffs and the agile bass-work. Eerie melodic accents, flaring chords, and quick bursts of dissonance complete a picture of savage, unearthly mayhem that’s both cold-blooded and delirious, a picture that’s portrayed in sound with impressive technicality.

Given what’s going on in the song, you might expect guitarist Naval Katoch to be wild-eyed and vomiting blood, with his hair on fire, but in the video he’s as cool as a cucumber, not even breaking a sweat despite all the fast-moving fretwork. It seems he’s quite assured in what he’s doing.


We hope you enjoy the song and the video, and that you’ll explore the band further through the links below (where you can also find ways of acquiring the EP). Keep your eye on those locations, because we’re told that Wired Anxiety have a new single coming up, along with a new video, and plan to release it around the middle of this year.





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