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(Vonlughlio prepared this review of the new album by the Slovakian blackened death metal band Ceremony of Silence.)

It’s been quite a bit since my last small write-up and I was planning on something else, but I needed to write about Ceremony of Silence‘s debut album Oútis, to be released via Willowtip Records on April 5th.

The project is guitarist Vilozof and drummer Svjatogor – both already deeply-rooted in the Slovakian underground metal scene – who formed Ceremony of Silence in 2015. The duo spent countless hours immersed in freeflowing, improvised jams and writing sessions. As they continued, they developed the 7 chapters of this effort, which can be described as death metal with a dissonant/atmospheric feel that is evident, with blast beats that emerge rapidly out of nowhere and riffs that are in constant motion and very addictive.



Most of you know that one of my favorite genres is Brutal Death Metal, yet I do listen to other genres and try to take the opportunity to branch out of my comfort zone a bit. I’m so glad that I got listen to the song “Invocation of the Silent Eye”, as it intrigued me. I wanted to find out more about the band. So I got to listen to the whole album, and went on with it three times in a row, finding myself falling deeper into an abyss with a sense of calm.

The lyrics deal with mysticism and death, concepts that carry over into the album’s cover art — a traditional woodblock print designed by Svjatogor. One aspect that I love is the fact that they connected the art, the lyrics, and the music into one concept, pure perfection. Not all bands can pull this off so convincingly, and these guys did.   Look at the song titles and the order in which they’re arranged:

1) Invocation of the Silent Eye
2) Ceremony of a Thousand Stars
3) Trance of Void
4) Upon the Shores of Death
5) Black Sea of Drought
6) Arising of No Man
7) Into the Obscure Light

When I see the cover art and the song titles I feel  it can all be translated into a story, and the music that goes along as a soundtrack is spectacular from start to finish. The songs are complex and extravagantly inventive at many times, straightforward and simple (and oppressive) at others. They reflect a high level of time and dedication in the sessions that created them.

The album is filled with fantastic guitar and bass riffs, with solos that enhance the dark atmosphere. The drums are handled with precision and flair, and they are a key part of the ever-changing driving force that is the perfect partner with the strings.

The more I listen, the more involved I am. Although it’s early in the year, this album will sure as hell be in the top rank of contenders for my album of the year (Non BDM). It’s very addictive and I have not stopped listening to it. It is one spectacular debut album that everyone who is into Death Metal should listen to. So when it does arrive at the release date, be sure to go to Willowtip’s Bandcamp and have a listen — here:






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  1. Fantastic death metal. Slightly dissonant. I didnt know this band before.

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