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April 19th is the date set by Iron Bonehead Productions for release of the debut album by the Spanish black metal band Deathwomb, Its title, Moonless Night Sacraments, conveys the band’s devotion to resurrecting a certain primitive and primeval form of ’90s black metal that combines a cold, wraithlike mysticism with brutish depravity. These wolves hunt their prey in the pitch-black, and the light that gleams from their eyes comes from another world.

These references still don’t fully exhaust what Deathwomb have accomplished in their music. As revealed by the song we’re about to premiere, “Moloch’s Domain“, their musical toxins syphon from the brutishness of death metal and the dismal ghastliness of occult doom to create an experience that’s blood-freezing as well as heart-pumping.



Dense, toxic riffing and plundering drumwork launch the track. It’s an ugly, abrasive sound — through which eerie shining tones emerge, along with horrid banshee shrieking. The contrasts between those murky, distorted, mauling sounds and strange flickering tones persist as the riff becomes a dismal and diseased drilling sensation, segmented by explosive drum bursts and eruptions of guitar murder.

When the pace subsides, the music becomes even more gruesome and horrifying, and there’s no real reprieve when the riffing becomes a slowly heating stew of poison, and then writhes like maggots on fire. Full chaos ensues as the drummer goes wild and those preternatural piercing tones become a fireball of derangement.



Moonless Night Sacraments has been aesthetically compared to the music of the ’90s by Demoncy, Havohej, and Black Funeral, of early Mystifier, and of Beherit’s landmark Drawing Down the Moon.

Moloch’s Domain” is the second track to be revealed so far from Moonless Night Sacraments, and we’ve included with it a stream of the first one, “The Ancient Serpent“. To learn how to acquire this very impressive new album, check the links below — and you can check out the band’s 2017 demo (which is also really good) at their Bandcamp.




Moloch’s Domain:


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