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Let’s be clear up-front: The End of an Era | Rebirth is not a reissue. A mere reissue of Inferi’s 2009 second album, The End of an Era, would have been welcome for those who relish physical editions of music they feel passionate about, and those are almost impossible to find these days. But as the name suggests, The End of an Era | Rebirth is a great deal more than a re-printing of the original CD.

During 2018, in addition to releasing their latest album, Revenant, and engaging in extensive tours, Inferi also found time to re-record The End of an Era. It thus features not only new performances by the band’s current line-up (which is significantly different from the one that recorded the original album), captured with more robust production techniques, but also presents changes in the bass-guitar and drum contributions to the music. And on top of all that, the revised album includes eye-catching new cover art by Helge C. Balzer.

One track from Rebirth has already surfaced, and today, in advance of the album’s April 12 release by The Artisan Era, we present another one through a lyric video (which is itself loaded with wonderful artwork): “Quest For the Trinity“.



The End of an Era is a rich source of original material, representing a transition from the melodic death metal of Inferi’s debut album to the more technically extravagant brand of that style which eventually led to the album that could be said to “put Inferi on the map” — 2014’s The Path of Apotheosis. But there’s no question that The End of an Era | Rebirth takes that earlier album to a new level, one that should greatly appeal to the band’s current horde of fans as well as its older ones, and “Quest For the Trinity” is a fine example of what we mean..

Lyrically, the song tells an epic tale of an ancient warrior sent by his lord on a seemingly impossible quest to slay monstrous, god-like creatures who dwell on land, air, and sea, including the fire-breathing three-headed guardian of Hades. As captured on this new recording, Inferi translate that hellish narrative of warlike struggle against daunting odds through a jet-powered surge of swirling and darting fretwork, light-speed drumming, remarkably vibrant bass-work, and a general air of martial ferocity.

Yet in some ways, the music also sounds like a wild, whirling dance, packed as it is with such technically exuberant performances — and the high quality of the production affords appreciation for what each instrument contributes to this exhilarating experience, The intensity of the tale also comes through in the vocals, a two-tone tandem of scorching shrieks and horrid roars.

But the song is also a multi-faceted one, with occasional dark and dismal chords in the mix, and a gorgeous, gliding interlude that adds an almost dreamlike atmosphere. Following that digression, the band ramp up to an even more speedy and savage finale which sets the stage for a glorious, head-spinning guitar solo, followed by a final fireburst of jaw-dropping instrumental pyrotechnics.


Inferi guitarist Malcolm Pugh has given this comment on The End of an Era | Rebirth:

“I’m really excited to finally see this project fleshed out. I have yearned to re-record this album for almost a decade now and I’m glad it happened with the strongest line-up the band has ever had. I think the older fans will be able to appreciate what we have done with the record and new fans will get a new view of the band with a wider perspective if they’ve never gone back to check out our older albums. We are all very excited, now it is time to hit the road!”

On this album, credit goes to these performers:

Guitar, Backing Vocals | Malcolm Pugh (A Loathing Requiem, ex-Entheos)
Guitar | Mike Low (Oubliette, ex-Enfold Darkness)
Drums | Spencer Moore (Phobos)
Bass | Andrew Kim (ex-Seren, ex-Vimana)
Vocals | Stevie Boiser (Equipoise, Ashen Horde, Tethys, ex-Vale of Pnath)


You’ll find a pre-order link below, along with a stream of the first track released from this new album, and of course the lyric video for “Quest For the Trinity“.

You can catch Inferi live on their upcoming U.S. Tech Trek IV tour dates alongside Archspire, Virvum, and Wormhole. The tour runs from May 9th to June 4th. Information and dates HERE.



1. The Ruin of Mankind (Ft. Ryan Cho on additional strings)
2. Gatherings in the Chamber of Madness
3. The Endless Siege
4. A New Breed of Savior
5. Sentenced to Eternal Life
6. The War Machine Embodiment
7. The Warrior’s Infinite Opus
8. Quest for the Trinity
9. Forged in the Phlegethon (Ft. guest vocals from original drummer Eric Brown of Nekrogoblikon)
10. Cursed Unholy



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