Jun 252019


On the Fourth of July the Virginia-based symphonic black/death metal duo Warthrone will return with their second album, Crown of the Apocalypse, which follows their 2014 Venomassacre debut full-length. On this new album, Warthrone members Erik Sayenga (ex-Dying Fetus, Witch-Hunt) and Kristel Sayenga (ex-Witch-Hunt, Dark Purity) are joined by an impressive group of guests, including vocalists Nader Sadek, Sarah Jezebel Deva (Cradle of Filth, Hecate Enthroned, Therion), and Kim Dylla (GWAR), and lead guitarist Jim Ross (Cystic Dysentary, Doomzilla).

The album’s opening track, “The Eyes of Kings”, has already been revealed, and today we present the album’s title track, which immediately follows it in the running order. Together they make a powerful one-two punch to launch this new 40-minute record.



Crown Of The Apocalypse” is an explosive experience that manages to be both rampantly vicious and memorably atmospheric. Anchored by a savage attack of thundering bass and drums, the song delivers a storm of raking, swarming, and pulsing riffs, matched by a cadre of barbarous vocals that includes scalding shrieks, wolfish howls, and tyrannical roars (on this track Nader Sadek and Kim Dylla add their voices to Erik Sayenga‘s own performance).

The music here is frenzied, fiery, and fierce (though it includes a potent neck-wrecking stomp as well) — but gleaming melodic accents also emerge, ringing out in tones that sound majestic, brooding, and unearthly. There’s also a guitar solo that’s even more unearthly, a fleet-fingered spectacle that’s as bright and hot as an acetylene torch. Like its title, the song readily conjures images that are both apocalyptic and ominously grand.


Crown of the Apocalypse is recommended for fans of Old Man’s Child, early Dimmu Borgir, early Cradle of Filth, Marduk, and Setherial. For this record, in addition to the afore-mentioned guests, Erik Sayenga performed drums, guitars, and vocals, and Kristel Sayenga performed keyboards and bass. The album was tracked and recorded by Erik Sayenga at Ghoststorm Studios, mixed and produced by Chris Salamone at Salamone’s Recording Studio, and mastered by Joe Hight at Soundlab Mastering Studios. The cover art and Warthrone logo were created by Triple Seis Design.

Ghoststorm Records will initially release the album on CD (with a special price available for pre-orders), and a vinyl edition will also be forthcoming. Check the links below for more info — and enjoy both our premiere of the album title track and that album opener “The Eyes of Kings”.






  1. I have to be strict here. Based on the songs here, I dont quite hear the bands mentioned as references—by the info sheet, I presume?

    It depends on what DB or OMC is being referred to, as these bands changed their sound a bit over time, but the use of keyboards here and there do not constitute a nod to OMC or DB.

    Perhaps a latterday, i.e. boring, Setherial with some keys thrown in seems most apt?

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